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Mark Magnacca

Mark Magnacca has invested the past 15 years on a search for what sets great communicators apart.


So What? is the result of five years worth of work simplifying this powerful idea to book form. Each idea has been tested in his own life and business as well as with a wide range of clients. Mark’s unique ability to bring these ideas to life will enable you to easily understand them and apply them in your own life.


As founder and president of Insight Development Group, Inc., his seminar and training programs have been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and on CNN’s MoneyLine. Mark has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, sales people, and executives adopt a "so what?" mindset that makes them indispensable in any economic cycle. 


Mark lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife Kristen and two children. A graduate of Babson College, Mark is the author of The Product Is You and also a participant in the Strategic Coach Master’s Program.