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Jay Srinivasan

SRIDHAR JAGANNATHAN is currently the Vice President of Technology for Softbank Emerging Markets with responsibilities for technical due diligence. Prior to working at Softbank, Sridhar was the co-founder and CTO of an e-commerce company and served as Technical Director, Internet and E-Commerce Solutions Group at Oracle Corporation. Sridhar has a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master's degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

JAY SRINIVASAN is an e-business consultant specializing in industry and market research and has consulted with companies in the B2B market. He was formerly a senior consultant with a Big Five consulting firm and worked for many years in the healthcare industry.

JERRY L. KALMAN is an entrepreneur and writer/lecturer in electronic commerce. In addition to starting three firms and serving on the board of directors of several software and Internet companies, he also teaches electronic commerce at the Singapore Institute of Management and the University of California, Irvine extension program.