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Brian Eiler

Brian Eiler

Over the years Brian has worn many hats including Consultant, Trainer, Systems Administrator, and Manager.  He holds the VCI, VCP-DV, VCP-Cloud, VCAP-DCA, and VCAP-DCD certifications from VMware.  Brian began using virtualization products with an early version of VMware Workstation in 1999, later expanding into server virtualization and now Cloud computing. In addition to training as a VMware Certified Instructor, he currently helps organizations around the world develop and successfully implement their virtualization plans.


Brian Perry

Brian has been working with VMware products since 2002, starting with VMware Workstation and progressing through successive generations of VMware’s enterprise products. Throughout this time he has become a leading expert on VMware virtualization, and he continues to provide consulting services to companies around the world. In 2004, Brian became one of the first independent VMware Certified Instructors (VCI). With his consulting background, he provides his students with relevant and practical examples of how virtualization is being used and deployed in datacenters today.


Chris Huss

Chris Huss is a VMware Certified Instructor and a consultant specialized in datacenter virtualization. Chris has obtained many vendor certifications including VMware’s VCP-DV, VCAP-DCA, and the VCI. He is particularly skilled at using video-based learning methods to convey complex topics. In addition to his consulting engagements, Chris teaches VMware classes both online and in person.