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Seth Fogie

Dr. Cyrus Peikari finished his formal training with honors in electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University in 1991. For eight years Dr. Peikari taught advanced mathematics at the SMU Learning Enhancement Center in Dallas, Texas. He has also worked as a telecommunications software research and development engineer for Alcatel. Dr. Peikari has developed several award-winning security software programs. He also co-founded DallasCon, the largest annual wireless security conference in the Southwest. You can reach him at cyrus@virusmd.com.

Seth Fogie is a former United States Navy nuclear engineer. After retiring from the Navy, Mr. Fogie worked as a technical support specialist for a major Internet service provider, during which time he earned his MCSE. Currently, Mr. Fogie is director of engineering at VirusMD Wireless Security, where he develops next-generation mobile security software.

Brett L. Neilson is a network and system engineer with a strong background in the wireless industry. Mr. Neilson has previously worked for Verizon Wireless as a Senior Systems Administrator and RF Field Technician. While at Verizon he worked to develop, deploy, and maintain its national infrastructure. Currently Mr. Neilson works for a leading infosec corporation. As an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, he has worked with various government agencies providing communication assistance and coordination. His broad range of computer and RF skills has led him to perform groundbreaking research in practical wireless security. Mr. Neilson also teaches a series of review courses for the Wireless Security Expert Certification (WSEC).

Sten Lannerstrom is product portfolio manager at SmartTrust, a provider of infrastructure software for securing and managing mobile services and devices. Mr. Lannerstrom joined SmartTrust in 1997 (at that time iD2 Technologies) and has more than 22 years of experience in the area of information technology. Mr. Lannerstrom oversees SmartTrust's wireless security portfolio, including the use of smart cards, wireless devices, digital certificates, and biometrics. He holds the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) accreditation.