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Douglas Eadline

Doug Eadline, Ph.D., began his career as Analytical Chemist with an interest in computer methods. Starting with the first Beowulf how-to document, Doug has written instructional documents covering many aspects of Linux HPC, Hadoop, and Analytics computing. Currently Doug serves as editor of the ClusterMonkey.net website and lead architect for Limulus-Computing.com maker of desk-side cluster appliances. Previously he was editor of ClusterWorld Magazine and senior HPC Editor for Linux Magazine. He is also a writer and consultant to the scalable HPC/Analytics industry. His recent video tutorials and books include Hadoop Fundamentals LiveLessons (Addison Wesley) video, Hadoop 2 Quick Start Guide (Addison Wesley), High Performance Computing for Dummies (Wiley), and Practical Data Science with Hadoop and Spark (co-author, Addison Wesley).