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Sriram Narayan

Sriram Narayan, an IT management consultant with ThoughtWorks, has provided IT agility guidance to clients in telecom, financial services, energy, retail, and internet businesses. He has also served as a leadership coach and a director of innovation. He was a founding member of the ThoughtWorks technology advisory board—the group that now authors the tech radar. During a two-year stint at the products division of ThoughtWorks, he helped with product innovation and advocacy on Go, a tool that helps with continuous delivery.


Sriram began his IT career in 1998 after graduating as an electronics engineer from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) in Mumbai, India. He worked at several CMM Level 5 companies before he fled to ThoughtWorks in 2004 to try Agile software development. Along the way, he has worn the hats of developer, open source contributor, manager, product owner, tester, SOA architect, trainer, and Agile coach. An occasional blogger and speaker at conferences, his writings, talks, and contact information are available at sriramnarayan.com.