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Christina S S Ooi

With more than two decades of corporate management experience, Christina SS Ooi spent a majority of these years in various senior management and leadership positions in IBM across the Asia Pacific region. It was during this time that she developed a strong interest and passion in cross-country talent management. As a hands-on people manager and leader, she experienced the early struggles in Asia Pacific to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent for her organization. In the early years of Christina’s professional life, she worked in both advertising and law. Even in her spare time now, she contributes research articles to legal journals, especially in the area of mediation. Her other passions are creative photography and fiction writing. Christina is a certified advocate and solicitor, having been admitted to the High Court of Malaya, and is a member of the Malaysian Bar. She holds two Master’s degrees (MBA and Master of Laws) and two Bachelor degrees (Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts). She is currently based in Asia.