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Frank Mayer

Frank Mayer is cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of Tresys Technology, and has 23 years of experience in the design, development, and analysis of secure oper­ating systems. He has been an active contributor to SELinux for six years, and has initiated and participated in the development of many new SELinux innovations and tools. He also chairs the annual SELinux Symposium. Frank has published many papers on secure and trustworthy operating systems, and has also explored security in parallel computing, networks, and enterprise applications.

Karl MacMillan is an active contributor in the SELinux community and has led the development of many important SELinux features. He is also a sought after speaker and consultant, and has helped many individuals and organizations under­stand and apply strong computer security with SELinux. Previous to his work on SELinux, Karl made important contributions in the fields of pattern recognition and evolutionary computing as applied to document and audio recognition, where he has numerous published papers.

David Caplan is a senior security engineer at Tresys Technology with over 20 years of experience in computer security and a wide range of other programming- and software-related areas. He has worked with SELinux for six years as a contributor to many of the SELinux-related open source projects and has led multiple efforts in analyzing and constructing SELinux policy for a variety of systems.