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Kami LeMonds

Sunil Agarwal is a Program Manager in the SQL Server Storage Engine Group.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Sunil had worked in companies like DEC, Sybase, BMC

Software, and DigitalThink, with a primary focus on core database engine technology

and related applications. Sunil holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT,

Kanpur, India, and has done graduate work in Computer Science at the University

of Rhode Island and at Brown University


Thierry D’Hers is a Lead Program Manager in the SQL BI Analysis Services

team. Thierry has over 12 years experience in the BI industry. For the last five

years, Thierry has been responsible for designing and specifying many of the functionalities

of the Analysis Services tools. Beyond participating in the product

design, Thierry is also a technical evangelist for the SQL BI product line. In this

role, Thierry spends a large amount of time educating customers and partners on

the various benefits of the SQL BI components.

Before joining Microsoft, Thierry spent seven years at Hyperion where he

occupied various positions. He began as a consultant, and then moved into technical

Sales for Hyperion France. Next he was asked to join Hyperion Corp as a Product

Manager, and then he became the Group Product Manager on Hyperion OLAP

(renamed Hyperion MBA), Hyperion Business Rules, and a few other Hyperion

products initiatives.


Phillip Garding is a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server Database Replication

team. Phillip has driven the design for the administration and monitoring

tools for database replication in SQL Server versions 7.0, 2000, and 2005 and helped

define the overall user interface experience in SQL Server 2005. In addition, he has

contributed more broadly to developing the wizard and error messaging designs at

Microsoft. Phillip is a 17-year veteran at Microsoft, and he worked on Microsoft

Access and Microsoft Word prior to joining the SQL Server team in 1995.


Diane Larsen is a technical writing lead on the SQL Server User Education team.

She has written documentation and articles about several SQL Server 2000 and

SQL Server 2005 features, including Notification Services, DTS, Upgrade Advisor,

and SQL Server Surface Area Configuration. She worked with the incredible Notification

Services development team for over four years, and enjoyed (almost) every

minute of it. The times she didn’t enjoy it were due to lack of sleep.


Kami LeMonds is a Documentation Manager for the SQL Server User Education

team at Microsoft and manages a team of technical writers. In the past eight years

at Microsoft, she has been a technical writer and lead, primarily on SQL Server

Management Tools. In addition, she has contributed to the Answers from

Microsoft column in SQL Server Magazine,