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John Gantz

John Gantz is Chief Research Officer and Senior VicePresident of International Data Corporation. He is responsible for allof IDC's worldwide demand-side research, global market models, Internetand ebusiness forecasts, and research quality control and standards. Heled its recent study, The Economic Impact of Software Piracy.

Prior to assuming his current role, he led IDC's worldwide researchand consulting in personal systems, consumer devices, workgroup andcollaborative computing, and services. He is a member of IDC'smanagement committee, and chief architect of IDC's Global InternetCommerce Market ModelTM. As one of IDC's chief spokespersons ontechnology and market issues, he has been published or quoted in mediaranging from Fortune to CNN. He has served as contributing editor andcolumnist for Computerworld and InfoWorld.

Jack B. Rochester heads Joshua Tree Communications, a leadingprovider of high-tech editorial services. He has written 300 articlesand nine books on the impact of technology on business and society. Hiswork has appeared in media ranging from Harvard Business Review to USAToday.

Gantz and Rochester co-authored the best-seller The NakedComputer.