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Paul Rubillo

Paul Rubillo is the Founder and CEO of Dividend.com, the #1 source for long-term investors. Paul’s daily content is featured on such major finance portals as TheStreet.com, RealMoney.com, Forbes.com, AOL Money & Finance, and NASDAQ.com. Paul was also formerly the exclusive author of the NASDAQ.com daily e-newsletter "NASDAQ Stocks to Watch."

Paul is well-known for breaking down key stocks, themes, and trends in an easy-to-digest style, encouraging investors to understand and take advantage of short-term gyrations while focusing on longterm investment goals. Paul motivates readers to take action within their financial lives today so that they can stay ahead of any impending movements in the market tomorrow.

Prior to launching Dividend.com, Paul was a highly successful stock trader who managed his own capital for more than 13 years of full-time market experience.