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Mikal E. Belicove

Mikal Belicove is a seasoned blogger and informationage

visionary who’s hotwired to the Internet and the

Internet community.Mikal maintains his own blog at

Belicove.com, where he encourages the exploration and

exchange of ideas in the online community. His enthusiasm

over electronic publishing and information sharing

and his drive to steer others to the highest-quality

web resources boost this version of Que’s Internet

Yellow Pages to the next level.Mikal currently freelances

as a business blogging strategist, brand positioning and

marketing consultant, and publicist. His work involves

consulting with his clients on the most effective ways

to establish authentic “thought-leader” status through

their blogs and websites.


Joe Kraynak has taught hundreds of thousands of

novice computer users how to master their computers

and their software. His long list of computer books

includes Easy Internet, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to

Computer Basics, Using and Upgrading PCs, and

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Excel. Joe’s wide range of

computer and training experience has helped him

develop a strong commitment to making computers,

software, and the Internet more easily accessible to

users of all levels of experience.