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Gopal Sreeraman

Gopal Sreeraman is a Senior Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, currently in the E-Business Group of their Cross-Industry Practice. Gopal has been involved with Microsoft's Site Server technology from its earliest versions used for building Intranets, and more recently with version 3.0 and its Commerce Edition. He has employed Site Server solutions for companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups.

Examples include a worldwide leader in Industrial Automation, which uses Site Server to manage membership to its Internet and Intranet sites, replicate contents to geographically distributed servers and build a Personalization system to deliver content to the site users. Another client, a startup that sells designer garments using the Web, built its ecommerce store from scratch using Site Server and other integrated third party technologies.

Gopal is has previously authored core chapters within Beginning Site Server 3.0 by Wrox Press. He is a frequent contributor to ASP Today, and is also a member of the Review Panel for the IEEE Journal Computer.