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Jenn Cutter

Jenn Cutter has been covering the tech and gaming scene for over ten years. Her popularity exploded when she launched OpenAlpha.tv, a videoblog that covered games and accessories in a unique and creative way. Leo Laporte caught the first episode and brought her into the fold for his shows Call For Help, on G4TechTV, and This Week in Tech. Jenn presently produces content for a diverse tech-interested audience. As Gaming Editor of Hak5.org, she produces and hosts both gaming and in-depth tech segments for an extremely savvy and educated audience. Readers at GirlsNGadgets.com are more casual about their geekdom and articles are tailored to break down everything they need to know to get started with a new accessory. Jenn also reviews games for Gameshark.com, catering to the dedicated gamers, while continuing to entertain OpenAlpha's audience of gamers of all ages.