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Edouard Gruwez

Edouard Gruwez, MSc Engineering and MBA, is CEO and owner of ‘Ogilvy Internal Communications’, a communication consultancy company and ‘ComeToThePoint’, a presentation design company.


Having been a senior international marketer for 16 years at GM and Volvo, and communication consultant to many international corporations during the last 8 years, he has gathered a wealth of experience in designing and delivering presentations.

Edouard combined that experience into a practical presentation design approach in 2011. His focus isn’t on keynote speeches, but on real day-to-day presentations in business meetings and workplace meetings.


For 2 years he has been teaching this method very successfully. The approach has proven to be of high value in day-to-day management situations. Through pure word-of-mouth, large parts of local and international organisations have adopted this approach as the new standard.


In 2013 his ideas have had global reach with training events in the US, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Belgium, Russia, Malaysia, China and Australia.