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Bill Van Hecke

Bill Van Hecke is the User Experience Lead at the Omni Group, one of the world’s most accomplished and affable Mac and iOS developers. His is the nebulous job of making software civilized enough to bring out in public. This involves lots of squinting six inches away from the Cinema Display at 3200% zoom and consulting etymology dictionaries to properly label buttons. It often ends up entwined with documentation, marketing, quality assurance, customer support, and Dungeon Mastering too. Before Seattle, he lived near Chicago, where he wrote odd code for companies on the Board of Trade, and in Green Bay, where he operated nocturnally for a year. He also spends a prodigious amount of time in Tokyo, and has learned exotic foreign languages such as Dvorak, Python, and New Standard Tuning. When not shoveling pixels or graphemes, Bill likes creating video games, translating video games, and, occasionally, playing video games.