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Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips is the CMMI Program Manager at the SEI, a position created to recognize the challenges of leading a team spanning industry, government, and the SEI to create the CMMI Product Suite. Over 75 individuals from over 30 organizations have participated. The team has successfully created versions for systems engineering and software engineering, and then added coverage of the Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) environment. More recently the team has added coverage of acquisition and service delivery. Prior to leading the CMMI effort, Mike was responsible for creating and leading the program team focused on developing effective techniques to successfully transition new technologies and processes into the organizational framework -- assisting the organization in accomplishing Technology Change Management. As a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Process Program, Mike facilitated process improvement efforts at various Defense customer sites. He authored a white paper on options for certification of contractor maturity via Software Capability Evaluations (SCEs) that led to a two day workshop with government and industry on the key issues. Mike was the SEI team co-author with Paul Byrnes of Integrated Systems Diagnostics (ISD) in the updating of the SCE to Version 3.0. As an Air Force senior officer prior to joining the SEI, Mike led an Air Force program office's development and acquisition of the software-intensive B-2 Spirit stealth bomber using integrated product teams. Preceding assignments included leading an 1800 person Test Wing through the initial phases of installation of Total Quality Management principles and oversight within the Pentagon of the highest security, special access programs at both Air Force and OSD levels.