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Lebene Richmond Soga

Ben Laker is a Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School. Prof Laker has authored several books, most recently the Financial Times bestseller, Too Proud To Lead (Bloomsbury), which focused on leaders within the workplace and was critically acclaimed by The Telegraph and The Association of MBAs (AMBA), among others. In addition to his role leading postgraduate research programming at Henley Business School, Prof Laker also serves as a regular contributor/columnist for MIT Sloan Management Review and Forbes, in which he shares, promotes and distils key lessons from his books and research.

Dr Lebene Richmond Soga is a Program Director at Henley Business School and a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. His research explores a range of themes, including the social aspects of technologies in organisational life, entrepreneurship ecosystems, and manager-employee relations. He regularly presents his research at international conferences for business leaders, academics, and policymakers to progress the understanding of various organisational challenges for startup businesses, multinationals and the implications of new technologies for the practice of leadership.

Dr Yemisi Bolade-Ogunfodun is a Lecturer in Organisational Behavior at Henley Business School who serves theAfrican European Centre for Investment and Trade (AECIT) and frequents international research symposia - regularly presenting her research to academics and policymakers the world over - to advance societal understanding of cultural diversity, particularly about values that underpin work practices, such as productive job design.