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Bob Gleichauf

Bob Gleichauf is the CTO for the Security Technology Group at Cisco Systems, where he is responsible for the development of secure network infrastructures across Cisco’s entire product lines, and most recently led the development of Cisco’s Network Admission Control (NAC) initiative.

While at Cisco, Gleichauf has led the development of numerous other security initiatives including overseeing the R&D for Cisco’s industry-leading Intrusion Detection System (IDS) product line, and the migration of IDS technology into the Cisco Catalyst 6000 platform. The IDS Module (IDSM) for the Catalyst 6000 is the industry s first switch-based security solution, and is a key component of Cisco s end-to-end security solution.

Under Gleichauf’s leadership, Cisco’s IDS Product Line has grown to become the most comprehensive offering in the market today providing appliance, host, and network-integrated IDS solutions. Gleichauf and his team have been awarded eight patents for their work in IDS and have over 15 other applications pending approval.

Gleichauf joined Cisco with the WheelGroup acquisition in 1998 where he was the head of product engineering. Prior to WheelGroup, he was a senior engineering manager at a startup called IQ Software, which developed database report writing tools.

Prior to his leap into the high technology field, Gleichauf pursued a PhD in Early Human Prehistory at the University of Michigan where he was a Rackham Fellow and had the distinction of working in East Africa with the world renowned Leakey family.