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Sanjay K. Hooda

Sanjay K. Hooda (San Francisco Bay area) is currently Technical Leader in cat6500 software engineering at Cisco. He has 15+ years of network design and implementation experience in large enterprise environments, and has participated in IETF standards activities. His interests include wireless, multicast, TRILL, FabricPath, High Availability, ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) and IPv6. Hooda is co-author of IPv6 for Enterprise NetworksShyam Kapadia, Technical Leader at Cisco's Scalable Network Business Unit at Cisco Systems, was an integral part of the team that delivered the next generation Catalyst 6500 Sup 2T (2 Terabyte) platform; since then, he has focused on developing new solutions for data center environments. He holds a Ph.D in computer science from USC, where his network-related research interests included wired, wireless, ad-hoc, vehicular, and sensor networks. Padmanabhan Krishnan has 12+ years of experience in networking and telecommunications, including seven at Cisco. His recent experience has included providing data path solutions for TRILL in Cat6500 Sup2T using FPGA. He was responsible for design and development of core infrastructure used by forwarding drivers as well as many L2 features in next generation Catalyst 6500 Sup 2T Platform.