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Juan Sanchez

Juan Sanchez is an Experience Architect for EffectiveUI, a leading provider of Rich Internet Applications based in Denver, Colorado. He created and manages ScaleNine.com, a site that provides skinning resources and UI inspiration for Flex and AIR. His work at ScaleNine has earned him widespread recognition as a community expert and he has presented at the LA Flex User Group, 360|Flex, and WebManiacs. Sanchez also cofounded Degrafa, the open source declarative graphics framework for Flex.


Andy McIntosh specializes in interaction design, custom component development, programmatic skinning, and migrating enterprise applications to Flex/AIR-based solutions at EffectiveUI. He has played a key role in successful projects for clients such as Adobe, Workday, Scion, and United Airlines; he serves as an advisor for the Degrafa project.