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Jeffrey T. Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a long time web developer with ASP, ASP.NET, and now ASP.NET Core. He loves the challenge of building web applications that look amazing while at the same time performing like an installed application. The browser is his bane and his best friend, as he has built applications that work with every browser going back as far as Internet Explorer 4.

Jeff is a senior program manager on the .NET team responsible for the creation of the ASP.NET Core and .NET Core frameworks, and has taught several thousands of developers how to build better applications with Microsoft’s ASP.NET frameworks. Previously, he was a developer advocate for Telerik where he specialized in their AJAX Control Toolkit. Jeff’s proposals and designs led to the development of dozens of controls that many developers use daily. Jeff holds a bachelor of science degree in Management Sciences and Information Systems from the Pennsylvania State University.

An avid social media contributor, Jeff would love to hear from you on Twitter at @csharpfritz and you can follow his current coding adventures on his blog at www.jeffreyfritz.com.