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Special Edition Using Adobe GoLive 6Author Bio

Brian Dunning is the author of several books, including the Master Class series on Web development and the novel Strapping Young Lads. He has trained hundreds of Web developers in dynamic site creation. A technical editor at FileMaker Advisor and ISO FileMaker magazines, Brian also reviewed Lasso Studio for GoLive for Adobe's Web site. References to Brian's volleyball jump serve appear in Norse Sagas dating as far back as 600 A.D. You can find Brian at http://www.briandunning.com/.

Allyson Knox is a freelance graphic artist and Web developer who has been using Adobe GoLive to design professional Web sites since its original inception as GoLive Cyberstudio. She considers herself a whole-brain thinker, and her direct involvement in every aspect of Web site creation makes her uniquely qualified to discuss the product from the varied perspectives of designer, programmer, and site manager.

With more than three years experience as a server administrator, she understands Web site design from a comprehensive technical viewpoint. Allyson is also a skilled FileMaker Pro database architect and Lasso programmer who has participated in panel discussions on networking and the integration of online databases. She has written countless technical articles and given lectures on the basics of Web design.

A Liberal Arts education—she holds a bachelor's degree in English and another in French literature—provided the context for her to live for extended periods abroad. She studied for a full year in Paris and spent another year working and traveling from her flat in Exeter, England. She currently makes her home in Minneapolis.

With a background in marketing, Lori Becker's first encounter with Web development technologies occurred in June of 2000 when she joined WestLake Internet Training as a Web development Instructor in Washington, D.C. Since then, Lori has worked as a teacher, course author, and developer and has consulted with charities, non-profits, and private companies to include the Kennedy Center and the World Bank.

Lori holds an undergraduate business degree from the College of William and Mary and is pursuing her MBA as a member of Goizueta Business School's (Emory University) class of 2004.