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John Sweitzer

John Sweitzer is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of IBM’s Academy of Technology with more than 26 years of experience developing architectures for large complex software systems. He currently leads IBM Software Group’s outside-in design initiative, a subset of outside-in development that addresses design practices that impact the consumability and business relevance of integrated software products. Previously John was the chief architect for IBM’s Autonomic Computing initiative, and prior to that, chief architect for the Tivoli systems management brand. John was a founding member of the DMTF standards committee for the Common Information Model, authored a book about that model, has several external publications, and holds numerous patents. John is also a 4th degree black belt and certified instructor in the American Tae Kwan Do Association.

Author Podcasts

IBM Distinguished Engineer John Sweitzer and IBM Vice President Carl Kessler introduce their recent book, Outside-in Software Development, by describing five steps to outside-in thinking and how to get started.

     Podcast: Part 1 - Describes the first 2 steps of outside-in thinking
     Podcast: Part 2 - Describes the remaining 3 steps and how to get started