Steven McDowell

STEVEN McDOWELL has been developing kernel-mode and operating system software for fourteen years at companies such as IBM, NCR, and Network Engines. He currently leads the platform software team at Network Engines, developing clustered server appliances. He has taught classes on kernel debugging and clustering technologies at a variety of industry conferences, including USENIX and Internet World. He is co-author of Universal Serial Bus Explained (Prentice Hall PTR).

Martin D. Seyer

Steven McDowell is a Senior Engineer at NCR Corporation in West Columbia, SC, specializing in high-availability Windows NT Solutions. He has worked extensively in operating system and device driver development.

Martin Seyer is Vice President and General Manager at NCR Corporation, and author of the Prentice Hall PTR best-seller RS-232 Made Easy. A 20-year veteran of the computer industry, he has contributed to several serial communications patents.