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UDDI Inquiry with Java
Dec 23, 2003
Naresh Apte concludes his discussion of UDDI APIs with this article on using the UDDI4J APIs in Java to inquire for web services in a UDDI registry.
UDDI Publishing with Java
Oct 17, 2003
Naresh Apte continues his series on publishing and getting information about web services in a UDDI registry. This article focuses on using the UDDI4J APIs in Java to publish web services in a UDDI registry.
UDDI Inquiry with C#
Sep 26, 2003
With potentially thousands of listings in a UDDI registry, how does a service consumer find the right candidate to supply a necessary service? Naresh Apte explains how inquiry APIs provide the answer.
UDDI Publishing with C#
Sep 12, 2003
Listing your web service in a UDDI registry is an easy but detailed procedure. In addition to the technical details, you must be careful about modeling each entity properly in business context. Naresh Apte and Toral Mehta provide the steps for getting it right.
Web Services: An Introduction
Feb 22, 2002
The Web Services phenomenon is about dynamic business interactions that blur the boundaries between businesses, partners, and customers. Toral Mehta and Naresh Apte tell you what Web Services are and why you need them.
XML Schema: An Overview
Jan 18, 2002
XML Schema is a rich document schema language. Get an overview of XML Schemas in this article by expert Priscilla Walmsley.
Best Practices in ColdFusion Development
Nov 20, 2001
Eben Hewitt offers a collection of best practices to follow when using ColdFusion - neatly organized into topics such as file use, speed and performance, database issues, and security.
Creating an Intelligent Agent with ColdFusion
Nov 20, 2001
Learn here how to leverage ColdFusion to create intelligent agents. Eben Hewitt walks you through the process of creating an application that retrieves headlines from an external Web site and then processes them for display on your own site.
Graphing with ColdFusion
Nov 20, 2001
In this article, Eben Hewitt examines how you can create compelling graphs from your data using two new ColdFusion tags: <CFGRAPH> and <CFGRAPHDATA>.
Passing Data with Form and URL Variables
Nov 20, 2001
With dynamic applications, you can pass data between templates. Eben Hewitt details two common ColdFusion scopes that you can use to such advantage: FORM, which holds values passed from HTML forms, and URL, which holds parameters passed in the URL.
Using CFScript
Nov 20, 2001
CFScript is a script version subset of the ColdFusion language. Using a syntax similar to JavaScript, CFScript allows you to read and set variables, perform critical processing, and loop. Eben Hewitt walks you through the basics in this article.
What Is ColdFusion, and Why Use It?
Nov 20, 2001
Why choose ColdFusion for creating dynamic Web applications? In this article, Eben Hewitt runs down what this language has to offer.
Writing User-Defined Functions
Nov 20, 2001
New with ColdFusion 5 is the capability to create user-defined functions. In this article, Eben Hewitt shows just you how to do so - and also explores several useful existing string functions and regular expression functions.
Flash and CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
Jul 30, 2001
Flash is a powerful tool for the Web, but just like all things, it has its limitations. This is where we need to lean on other applications to help us out. When you are done reading this article, you will be able to create a simple form in Flash that ...
MyInformIT: It's All About Me, Me, Me
Jul 19, 2001
Though he's opposed to selfishness in general, the Kaptain works hard to let InformIT users customize their InformIT experience.
Welcome to the World of Wonder
Jun 29, 2001
The Kaptain, InformIT's own web developer extraordinaire, is your tour guide through InformIT's site - and his skewed mind.