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Building Your I.T. Career: Beware of Bad Career Advice
Mar 19, 2014
Whether online, from well-meaning peers, or from the college career counselor, there is a lot of bad advice out there. This article discusses some of the most-often repeated and worst advice. It presents alternative advice to help you keep your career on the fast track for stability and growth.
Building Your I.T. Career: Do Not Let Your Title Define You
Mar 12, 2014
Many technologists allow themselves to be defined by their job title or the technology they use. This can lead to missed opportunities, failure to adopt new technologies, and career stagnation. This article provides advice on how to avoid this situation and steps to become a well-rounded IT professional.
The M&A Paradox: Factors of Success and Failure in Mergers and Acquisitions
Jan 16, 2014
This chapter introduces the book, A Comprehensive Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions: Managing the Critical Success Factors Across Every Stage of the M&A Process, which covers the critical success factors across every stage of the process, including planning, screening, negotiation, due diligence, transition management structures, post-merger integration, leadership and trust, cultural integration, HR practices, control, monitoring, and more.
Selling a Project Retrospective
Sep 13, 2013
Whether you are a retrospective facilitator, a member of a community that is ending a project, or an advocate in a software engineering process group, you need to learn how to sell the idea of a project retrospective.
WebEx Meeting Center: Do You Know What You Don't Know?
Aug 4, 2011
Businesses waste far too much time in inefficiently bumbling around instead of mastering WebEx and concentrating on what's really important: the business at hand. Tim Warner sorts it all out for you.
Video Conference on Kinect?
Aug 3, 2011
One little-known feature that is included with Xbox Live subscriptions is video conferencing. Bryon Greene shows you more about this feature: how it works and whether it is really useful for your situation.
Choosing eBay Shipping Options
May 31, 2011
Selling an item on eBay is relatively easy; shipping it out safely (and without costing an arm and a leg) can be much harder. Michael Miller shows you how to choose eBay shipping options — and make shipping a less painful experience.
Working with Facebook Pages
May 30, 2011
A Facebook Page is similar to an individual profile page, but for more public Facebook members. Michael Miller tells you all about Facebook Pages — and shows you how to create your own Page.
Working Capital and Cash Flow Analysis in Excel
Apr 2, 2008
This chapter describes the process of accounting for and analyzing cash flows.
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 2007
Mar 26, 2008
Paul McFedries takes you through some formula basics in Excel 2007.
Creating Excel 2007 Charts That Show Trends
Mar 26, 2008
Bill Jelen walks you through your many choices for effectively displaying your Excel 2007 data in charts.
Winning the War Against Bureaucracy: Why Success Breeds Failure
Jun 23, 2006
The history of business is paved with companies where roaring success was followed by steep decline. Learn how to keep this downturn from decimating your company by turning it into the beginning of a Second Cycle in this sample chapter.
The Dawn of the Chinese Century
Apr 22, 2005
This chapter explains the impact that China's rise will have on the global economy. As China rises, it will fundamentally restructure the global economy in ways that will need to be anticipated, and this book will help you do just that.