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Designing Silverlight Business Applications: the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
Apr 16, 2012
In this chapter, you learn about design patterns and why they are important. Jeremy Likness shares a brief history of patterns, what their authors intended, and how this led to the creation of the MVVM pattern. Sections cover each element of the MVVM triad, followed by some of the key features and benefits that MVVM provides.
Essential Windows Phone 7.5: Application Development with Silverlight: Writing Your First Phone Application
Dec 20, 2011
This chapter will walk you through setting up a machine for authoring your very first Windows Phone Silverlight application.
SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight: Web Part Development
Dec 8, 2011
Learn how to manually create Silverlight Web Parts that can host a Silverlight application in SharePoint, how to use the Silverlight Web Part extension to help you jump start your Silverlight Web Part projects, and how to connect web parts so you can show master-detail relationships, dashboards, and mash-ups.
Silverlight Best Practices: Testing Soup to Nuts
Nov 21, 2011
In this last installment of the series covering best practices for Silverlight in the enterprise, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight Jeremy Likness discusses testing. Read this article to learn about various approaches to testing Silverlight applications from “white box” unit tests to coded UI tests.
Get Started Using ASP.NET MVC for Your .NET Applications
Nov 17, 2011
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you the easy way to get started with the popular ASP.NET MVC framework. Learn how to build a simple "Hello World" application with ASP.NET MVC in only a few steps.
Silverlight Best Practices: Asynchronous Programming
Nov 7, 2011
Microsoft MVP for Silverlight Jeremy Likness covers asynchronous programming techniques. Learn how to call your web services in a way that prevents performance bottlenecks or blocking on the UI thread when processing complex results, understand the differences between the event-based and asynchronous programming model, and discover techniques for handling sequential asynchronous workflows in a way that keeps your code easy to read and maintain.
Silverlight Best Practices: Data-Centric Applications
Oct 26, 2011
In the next installment of his series covering best practices for Silverlight in the enterprise, Microsoft Silverlight MVPJeremy Likness covers data-centric applications. He shows you various approaches to packaging, transporting, and synchronizing data between the client and the server in line-of-business applications.
Silverlight Best Practices: Modular Code
Oct 3, 2011
Jeremy Likness (Microsoft MVP for Silverlight) covers the benefits of building modular Silverlight applications. Learn what patterns help facilitate highly modular code, and how to leverage tools like the Model-View-View Model pattern (MVVM) and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to build dynamic, testable, maintainable, and extendable line-of-business applications.
Silverlight Best Practices: The MVVM Pattern
Aug 17, 2011
One of the most popular Silverlight patterns and best practices is the Model-View-View Model pattern, or MVVM. The pattern takes advantage of the data-binding features that are part of XAML technology. Jeremy Likness, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight, walks you through the fundamental components of this pattern and shows you a simple, straightforward approach to implementing it in Silverlight line-of-business applications.
Silverlight 5 for Line-of-Business Applications
Jun 22, 2011
Silverlight has quietly gained a major foothold in enterprise environments as the platform of choice for line-of-business applications. Jeremy Likness, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight, walks you through several enhancements in version 5, including text, performance, data-binding, and networking.
Three Years of Silverlight
Nov 3, 2010
Laurent Bugnion reviews what Silverlight is, where it comes from, and tries to peek into the future of this technology.
Using Silverlight 4 APIs to Interact with Webcams and Microphones from VB 2010
Jul 13, 2010
With the release of Silverlight 4, Microsoft introduced new APIs for interacting with multimedia devices such as webcams and microphones from Rich Internet Applications. Alessandro Del Sole, author of Visual Basic 2010 Unleashed, provides an overview of these features, showing how to create multimedia applications from the point of view of a Visual Basic developer.
Silverlight Debugging: Using Debugging Tools for Windows
Nov 17, 2009
Have you ever asked, “Can the same techniques and tools be applied when debugging Silverlight and .NET applications?” The answer is “absolutely," with just a few caveats. Mario Hewardt shows you how to leverage the information in his book to debug Silverlight applications.
Silverlight 2 Development (Video Training): Creating Animations
Nov 2, 2009
This video excerpt is from Silverlight 2 Development (Video Training).
Silverlight 2 Development (Video Training): Using Silverlight 2 Controls
Oct 27, 2009
This video excerpt is from Silverlight 2 Development (Video Training).
Graphics in Silverlight 3
Oct 7, 2009
In this chapter, you will learn how to add rich vector graphics and images to your application. You will also learn how to optimize performance and image quality of those graphics elements.
Making Silverlight Apps for Google App Engine
Jul 2, 2009
.NET developers who know Silverlight might imagine that they can't take advantage of Google App Engine, which uses Python. But integrating the two environments is a lot easier than you think.
Introducing Silverlight 2
Oct 27, 2008
Laurent Bugnion takes a preliminary look at Silverlight so you can see where it comes from and what technologies are its “ancestors.” He also shows some demo application and how to install the development environment.
Adding Client Capabilities to Server Controls Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
Jul 22, 2008
The AJAX Control Toolkit is a compelling alternative to using the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions alone. Learn why.
Getting Started with ASP.NET 3.5
Jun 18, 2008
Create your first web page in Visual Web Developer.

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