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Introduction to Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications
Oct 6, 2014
Communication at mmWave operating frequencies represents the most recent game-changing development for wireless systems. The authors of Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications discuss the need for new, interdisciplinary strategies to create the ever-evolving broadband wireless devices and systems at mmWave, and beyond.
What Is Bluetooth Low Energy?
Nov 21, 2012
Robin Heydon explains what BlueTooth low energy is, as well as relevant device types, design goals, and terminology.
Practical Applications in Digital Signal Processing: Review of Digital Frequency
Nov 15, 2012
Introduction to High-Speed Signaling
Nov 9, 2011
This chapter explains the means by which the book High-Speed Signaling: Jitter Modeling, Analysis, and Budgeting offers a comprehensive discussion of high-speed signal integrity engineering.
Notes on Digital Signal Processing: Overview of Sampling Techniques
Jan 26, 2011
This note discusses the difference between implicit and explicit sampling. It introduces three different mathematical models of explicit sampling techniques—ideal sampling, natural sampling, and instantaneous sampling.
Understanding Digital Signal Processing: Discrete Sequences and Systems
Nov 15, 2010
In this introduction to his book, Richard G. Lyons defines the terminology used in digital signal processing, illustrates the various ways of graphically representing discrete signals, establishes the notation used to describe sequences of data values, presents the symbols used to depict signal processing operations, and briefly introduces the concept of a linear discrete system.
Introduction to Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces
Oct 28, 2010
It is becoming increasingly essential to determine not only the PDN noise, but also the margin degradation due to the noise coupling to signals. System designers need to consider a concurrent design methodology to evaluate power integrity and its effects on signal integrity.
Introduction to Notes on Digital Signal Processing: Navigating the DSP Landscape
Jan 18, 2010
This introduction to Notes on Digital Signal Processing explains the book's method of documenting in-depth explorations of some of the "nooks and crannies" in DSP that often are glossed over in traditional texts.
Signal and Power Integrity: Time and Frequency Domains
Jul 22, 2009
In this chapter, learn the basic properties of signals in preparation for looking at how they interact with interconnects.
Introduction to a Signal Integrity Engineer's Companion
Jun 26, 2008
SI engineers need innovative thinking if they are to keep pace with the digital bandwidth race.
Introduction to Jitter, Noise, and Signal Integrity at High-Speed
Dec 21, 2007
Get an introduciton to working mechanisms for communication link systems.
Engineering Reliable Digital Interfaces
Nov 21, 2007
Learn quantitative techniques for making better decisions about digital interface design.
What are Bluetooth Profiles For?
May 11, 2001
Bluetooth uses profiles to keep devices interoperating smoothly and easily. In this article, Jennifer Bray explains how Bluetooth profiles are used and offers hints of those to come.
How Many Bluetooth Piconets Fit in a Room?
May 11, 2001
Ever wondered how many Bluetooth piconets you can fit in a room before they stop working? That's a tough question because of all the variables involved. Jennifer Bray takes a stab at the answer in this article.
How Fast is Bluetooth?
May 11, 2001
Perhaps you've heard data rates quoted for Bluetooth that range from 1 megabyte per second to a few kilobits per second. Why so many different figures? Jennifer Bray gives you the straight scoop on the factors that affect Bluetooth data rates.
Masters and Slaves: Roles in a Bluetooth Piconet
May 11, 2001
To understand how the master-slave switch works, you must first understand the roles of master and slave in a Bluetooth piconet. To understand that, you have to know about Bluetooth frequency hopping. Jennifer Bray takes a look at that topic here.
Why Bluetooth 1.1?
May 11, 2001
If you're wondering what changed between Bluetooth version 1.0b and version 1.1, you've come to the right place. Jennifer Bray points out the differences between the two versions and explains why the changes were necessary.