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How the iPod Will Change the Face of Computer Security
By Bruce Potter
Dec 1, 2005
Apple probably didn't intend it, but the iPod will likely prove to be an important stepping stone into solving a problem that has faced computer scientists for more than 30 years. Bruce Potter explains.
Java Perspective: Cocoa-Java Bridge
By Marcus Zarra
Dec 1, 2005
What if you could combine Cocoa (that easy-to-use extension to C that is the primary language used for development on the OS X platform) and Java (one of the most widely used languages on the Internet) to create an OS X native application that utilizes the power of Java's libraries? Marcus Zarra does just that in this latest article in his series on Cocoa from the Java developer's perspective.
Java Perspective: Core Data and the Mac OS X Developer
By Marcus Zarra
Nov 23, 2005
In this new article from a Java perspective, Marcus Zarra discusses Core Data, which is a new framework that was introduced by Apple with the release of OS X 10.4 Tiger. Core Data replaces the need for building data objects and helps manage storing data in a flat file, XML file or SQLite database. Marcus walks you through some of the basic usages of Core Data and tells you why it is so useful.
Java Perspective: Key-Value Protocols, Behind the Magic of Mac OS X Development
By Marcus Zarra
Nov 11, 2005
KVO? KVC? Say what? Key-Value Observing and Key-Value Coding, that's what. As an introduction to Apple's new Cocoa/Objective-C API called Core Data, Marcus Zarra shows you why KVO/KVC is an incredibly useful feature in its own right and deserves the attention of any developer new to the Cocoa/Objective-C arena.
Applications and the Dock in Mac OS X Tiger
By Todd Stauffer, Leo Laporte
Nov 4, 2005
In this chapter we'll take a look at how you get started with applications, some of the basic commands that you’ll find in nearly any Macintosh application, and one of the methods you’ll use for managing those applications—the Dock.
Java Perspective: Cocoa Subclasses and Delegates
By Marcus Zarra
Nov 4, 2005
Coming from his background in Java development, the concept of using delegates and categories, as opposed to subclassing, was a bit foreign to Marcus Zarra. In Java subclassing, nearly everything was quite common. So common in fact, that Sun provided generic subclasses in quite a few cases. Objective-C and Cocoa, however, have a different approach. Marcus walks you through the different approaches used in Objective-C programming.
The Java Perspective: Cocoa's Interface Builder
By Marcus Zarra
Oct 21, 2005
Coming into Apple's Cocoa programming from the Java world has been a huge eye-opener for Marcus Zarra. Whenever he speaks with other developers who have worked with Cocoa, he hears praises about Apple's development tools. See if you agree with his conclusions about Apple's Interface Builder from a Java developer's point of view.
Alternate Data Streams: Threat or Menace?
By Rick Cook
Sep 16, 2005
By now, you're probably aware of how easy it is to accidentally leave metadata in your Microsoft Word documents, offending or amusing recipients who can easily uncover your mistakes. Did you also know that bad guys might be helping you to even more embarrassment (or danger), by using the alternate data streams (ADS) capability of Windows NTFS to hook warez, pornography, or even hacker's tools to your innocent files?
Master iTunes 4.9’s Advanced Podcasting Features and Make Money with Personalized Podcasts
By Matthew David
Sep 9, 2005
With podcasting, Joe Anybody can become a broadcaster. You don't even need sophisticated equipment: just your Mac, iTunes 4.9, and some podcasting software. Matthew David shows you how to use the advanced features in iTunes 4.9 to reach millions of iPod users with your message (and advertising).
Design and Install the Perfect PC—On Your Mac
By John Traenkenschuh
Aug 12, 2005
Macintosh people don't want to give up their Macs just to use Windows software once in a while. With Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac, they won't have to. John Traenkenschuh takes us step by step through the (relatively) painless process of installing this revolutionary software to emulate a Windows PC on your favorite Mac.
Viewing and Navigating Mac OS X Tiger Finder Windows
By Brad Miser
Jul 22, 2005
The Finder in Tiger is much as it has always been, and its function remains the same, but it looks considerably different, and provides some new features that you'll want to know about. This chapter explains these new features and where to find them.
Using Internet Applications in Mac OS X Tiger
By William C. Ray, John Ray
Jul 15, 2005
This chapter covers everything you need to know about communicating online with Mac OS X Tiger, from searching the Internet with Sherlock and sending email to videoconferencing with iChat AV. The Internet applications provided with Tiger can get anyone up and running online in a matter of minutes.
Watching Mac OS X File Events from Windows: A Guide for .NET and Java Developers
By Bob Reselman
Jun 17, 2005
With "only a little Java code and a third-party product," Bob Reselman was able to make Windows pay attention to the goings-on of a Macintosh server. Here's how he did it.
Keeping Things Organized in Mac OS X Tiger
By Brian Tiemann
Jun 10, 2005
Mac OS X gives you the ability to manage these documents and folders, to move them around, change their names, create new ones, and get rid of the ones you don't need anymore. In this chapter, you will see how to use the tools that Mac OS X gives you to accomplish these tasks.
Exploring the Dock in Mac OS X "Tiger"
By Robyn Ness, John Ray
Jun 3, 2005
The Dock is an important part of the OS X interface, and in this chapter you'll learn how to use it to launch applications as well as receive feedback about them as they run. You will also learn how to store files, folders, and document windows in the Dock—and to use the Trash to delete files, folders, and applications you no longer need.
Designing Objects and Relationships with IBM DB2 for z/OS
By Susan Graziano Sloan
Feb 25, 2005
When you design any sort of database, you need to answer many different questions. How will you organize your DB2 data? How will you create relationships between tables? How should you define the columns in your tables? What kind of table space should you use? In this sample chapter, you'll learn about the DB2 UDB data types as well as the characteristics of tables, views, and indices.
WebSphere Performance Tuning--z/OS
By K. Miller, A. Beaubien, M. Betancourt, A. Black, M. Casile, D. Draeger, T. Gissel, R. Iyer, K. McGuinnes, D. Patel
Feb 18, 2005
This chapter will assist you in tuning the performance of WebSphere V5 on your z/OS system with a general focus on z/OS-specific items.
Voulez-Vous un Rendezvous? The Simple Guide to Apple Networking
By Larry Loeb
Feb 11, 2005
Voulez-vous une Rendezvous? No, it isn't a hot date; it's the way Apple allows an ad-hoc network to be created without requiring the user to make any system setup changes. Larry Loeb gives the details about how Rendezvous pulls this off.
Yellow Dog Linux for the Macintosh: Popping the Kernel
By Larry Loeb
Jan 28, 2005
Yellow Dog? It isn't a retriever; it's a Linux for Mac folk. In this article, Larry Loeb looks at whether Linux (in general) is for you and whether Yellow Dog Linux (specifically) will do what you want and need.
z/OS® Version 8 DBA Certification Guide: DB2 Environment
By Susan Lawson
Jan 28, 2005
This chapter provides an overview of the DB2 environment, detailing the components that you'll need to understand to begin working with DB2.

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