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Alternate Data Streams: Threat or Menace?
Sep 16, 2005
By now, you're probably aware of how easy it is to accidentally leave metadata in your Microsoft Word documents, offending or amusing recipients who can easily uncover your mistakes. Did you also know that bad guys might be helping you to even more embarrassment (or danger), by using the alternate data streams (ADS) capability of Windows NTFS to hook warez, pornography, or even hacker's tools to your innocent files?
Alternatives to LAMP
Jun 2, 2006
The LAMP configuration (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is familiar to the open source universe. But just because this combination of products is comfortable, that doesn't mean that it provides the best solution for your systems. David Chisnall suggests some alternatives that might make a better match for your needs.
Alternatives to Using Windows Home Server
Oct 15, 2012
Discover other free solutions for centrally storing, sharing, and backing up your home or small office data, as Microsoft is discontinuing their Windows Home Server.
An Approach to Windows Vista Gadget Design
Jun 9, 2008
Rajesh Lal introduces design considerations, UI challenges, and visual themes to consider when creating gadgets for Windows Vista.
An Architecture for Creating and Managing Integrated Software Stacks
Aug 29, 2003
This article provides an architecture for and examines the challenges of Creating and managing complex, integrated system software stacks.
An HP UX-11i Performance Management Methodology
Oct 15, 2004
Optimizing the performance of a system can save your company a considerable amount of money. In this chapter, you'll see how to streamline your system for maximum efficiency.
An Information Technology Management Reference Architecture
Aug 16, 2002
This article describes the results of a proof-of-concept process to create an IT management reference architecture that displays IDC mail and messaging, as conducted at Sun's iForce Ready Center.
An Introduction to TCP/IP
Nov 9, 2001
This sample chapter from Linux TCP/IP Network Design introduces the OSI-RM and TCP/IP model, briefly describes each of their layers, and compares the two models.
Analyzing, Configuring, and Monitoring Windows NT 4.0 Security
Apr 5, 2002
A wide variety of advanced topics from MCSE Exam 70-244 are covered in this article. The concept that binds them all together is that of security.
Anatomy Of A Hack—The Rise And Fall Of Your Network
Jul 1, 2005
There are myriad ways that a network can be compromised, and an administrator needs to be aware of them all (and anticipate new ways coming around the corner). This chapter will not to show how to attack something, but show how attackers take advantage of your mistakes. This will enable you to protect your network by avoiding the pitfalls attackers use.
Anyone But Microsoft
Feb 8, 2002
For a small but growing sector of the PC marketplace, seeking alternatives to Microsoft operating systems and software has become something of a Holy Grail. Columnist and author Ed Tittel will examine some of the options available, including some compromise approaches, as he explains necessary pieces and parts.
Apple Closes the OS Gap between Mac OS X and iDevices in Lion
Jan 31, 2011
Lion, the seventh major release of Mac OS X in a decade, is due to be released in 2011. Mac expert Yvonne Johnson showcases OS X’s many features that were inspired by the operating system which runs the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
Apple Watch Interface Navigation
Jul 21, 2015
In this chapter from Learning WatchKit Programming: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Apple Watch Applications, learn how your Apple Watch application navigates between multiple screens.
Application Architecture in Windows Forms 2.0
Jun 9, 2006
Application Compatibility for Vista
Jan 11, 2008
Peter Ehm shows how to use the Windows Vista Program Compatibility Wizard to make old programs work under Vista.
Application Troubleshooting: Alternate Methods of Debugging
Feb 8, 2002
This article discusses a variety of options open to a Solaris Operating Environment user to narrow down the causes and scope of an application failure.
Applications and the Dock in Mac OS X Tiger
Nov 4, 2005
In this chapter we'll take a look at how you get started with applications, some of the basic commands that you’ll find in nearly any Macintosh application, and one of the methods you’ll use for managing those applications—the Dock.
Arranging Your Work Area in Windows 8 Metro
Nov 11, 2011
Katherine Murray gives us a look at the Windows 8 developer preview, showing how to launch and display apps, cycle through open programs, display a list of running apps, and use Snap to position more than one program on the screen at a time using touch, mouse, and keyboard.
Jan 1, 2003
As Exchange 12 Looms, Microsoft Tackles Monad Bugs
Mar 24, 2006
Microsoft plans to roll out Monad, its emerging object-based scripting shell, in the upcoming Exchange 12 messaging server. Should you jump aboard the current Monad 3 beta, or wait until more of Monad's snares are ironed out? Join tech journalist Jacqueline Emigh in taking a look.

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