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Security Through Penetration Testing: Internet Penetration
Mar 15, 2002
The overall methodology for penetration testing includes discovering as much as possible about the target, identifying all potential avenues of attack, and attempting to compromise the network by leveraging the results of the vulnerability analysis and following as many avenues identified as time allows.
Storage Networking Building Blocks
Mar 8, 2002
This sample chapter discusses the major building blocks of storage networks and highlights the technical aspects that differentiate them.
ISA Security Concepts - Part I
Feb 22, 2002
This sample chapter focuses on topics such as the ISA Server Security Configuration wizard. This wizard enables you to tighten your security considerably. Read on to explore site and content rules in detail.
Introduction to Cisco Network Design
Feb 8, 2002
This sample chapter from Cisco Press provides an overview of the technologies available today to design networks.
Applying the Principles of Network Design
Feb 1, 2002
To illustrate three basics of highly scalable networks, this Cisco Press sample chapter "reforms" a network that is experiencing stability problems to make it stable and scalable.
Cisco Network Topology and Design
Feb 1, 2002
Explore design issues related to overall network topology with this sample chapter from Cisco Press.
Configuring the Catalyst
Feb 1, 2002
This sample chapter from Cisco Press compares differences between the router CLI and the Catalyst 4000/5000/6000 family, describes the command line interface and provides an overview of the menu driven configuration for the other Catalysts.
Telecommunications Technology Fundamentals
Dec 28, 2001
Ready for the broadband era? Start by learning the basics of telecommunication networks, and gain an understanding of how the various standards bodies have shaped their evolution.
Telecommunications: In War and Peace
Dec 28, 2001
The world is at war against a network of terrorists. Lillian Goleniewski examines the role of telecommunications in that context and tells why understanding its role and potential is paramount to national, business, and personal survival.
Understanding the Telecommunications Revolution
Dec 28, 2001
The new multimedia realm is allowing us to include vital physical cues in the information stream, introducing a physical reality into the world of electronic communications, goods, and services.
Securing the Corporate Network
Dec 21, 2001
Authenticate your dial-in users using your local database, and make sure your AAA is in place-- that's authentication, authorization, and accounting.
Cisco Network Topologies and LAN Design
Nov 16, 2001
This chapter from CCDA Exam Certification Guide reviews the topologies used in network design and covers the technologies and design approaches used when designing a local-area network (LAN).
Building a Remote Data Logger
Nov 2, 2001
This sample chapter from The TINI Specification and Developer's Guide provides a tutorial in building a remote data logger.
MPLS Architecture
Jul 30, 2001
In this chapter from MPLS: Implementing the Technology, learn about MPLS system components, system functions, and operating modes.
Network Operating Systems for IT Consultants
Jul 30, 2001
This sample chapter introduces you to Windows NT/2000 as an operating system for a newly designed Ethernet network. It also covers operating in a mixed environment with Novell NetWare.
The Fundamentals of Network Architecture
May 4, 2001
"Anything, anywhere, anytime," has become the mantra of today's businesses, and author J.F. DiMarzio shows how systems designers need to think about and confront network issues that no other generation of engineers has faced.
How to Share an Internet Connection, Part Two
Feb 16, 2001
In this article, Lon Poole and John Rizzo, coauthors of The Little Network Book, introduce you to Internet gateways and how they are utilized when sharing an Internet connection among multiple computers.
Fundamentals of Voice over Frame Relay
Sep 11, 2000
This article serves as both a basic and not-so-basic overview of some of the technologies behind Voice over Frame Relay (a primer of sorts).

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