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SONET and SDH: Advanced Topics
Oct 31, 2003
Learn the advanced features of SONET and SDH; specifically, the different ways of concatenating SONET and SDH signals, different techniques for mapping packet data onto SONET and SDH connections, transparency services for carrier's carrier applications, and fault management and performance monitoring capabilities.
Using Multicast Domains
Jun 27, 2003
Learn how multicast domains allow service providers to offer mVPN services to their customers by using native multicasting techniques in the core. You will see the many advantages of these multicasting techniques and how they can relate to you and your customers.
HyperTransport Flow Control
Jun 6, 2003
Explore background information on bus flow control and master efficient management of transaction flow with HyperTransport. You will also learn about HyperTransport flow control, which is used to throttle the movement of packets across each link interface.
Understanding Protocol Analysis
Mar 1, 2003
Let author and columnist Ed Tittel explain the whys and wherefores of seeking certification in protocol analysis. From network security to advanced troubleshooting, nothing beats this kind of networking credential.
QP: Message Transfer Mechanism
Feb 21, 2003
Explore Queue Pair (QP), the message transfer engine that lies at the heart of InfiniBand Architecture (IBA). Learn about the request and response packets, Packet Sequence Numbers (PSNs), the Verb Layer, and the four types of QP.
WDM Network Design
Feb 7, 2003
Living Networks: Changing Your Business and Your Life
Dec 27, 2002
Welcome to the world of living networks! Digital connectivity is dramatically changing the way people do business and live their lives. That, in turn, is transforming the flow of information and ideas. Strategist Ross Dawson discusses the limits and the promises of global networks.
Content Delivery Networks
Oct 18, 2002
to come
Initial Interdomain Network Topology
Aug 9, 2002
Take a look at a detailed example of an ISP customer within an interdomain multicast network implemented SSM in its network using URD, and learn the three ways to implement SSM in an interdomain environment.
Make the Right Call: Cisco's AVVID
Jun 21, 2002
Robert Richardson discusses the pros and cons of Cisco's AVVID — what the industry's been talking about all along for pure IP convergence: smart IP phones plugged into an Ethernet network full of conventional switches and routers. Plenty of issues need to be ironed out, though.
High-Level Network Architecture and VoiceXML
May 24, 2002
This article describes the interaction of high-level network architecture and VoiceXML.
Home Networking: What Type Is Best?
Apr 19, 2002
This brief guide to building a home network helps you decide how each device should relate to the others. Your determination will be based on what you need the network to do, cost, need for speed, and how much you plan to grow.
Data Communications: Use the Right Medium for your Message
Apr 12, 2002
Learn when to use twisted pair cable, satellites, or fiber-optics to get your message across. From economic considerations to bandwidth limitations, here's a guide to your options.
The Wireless Network Evolution
Apr 12, 2002
Wireless networks include local, metropolitan, wide, and global areas. This excerpt explains the evolution of such networks, their basic principles of operation, and their architectures.
Firewall Deployment for Multi-Tier Applications
Apr 5, 2002
Firewalls can be deployed in numerous ways as part of a security perimeter around Internet-facing servers. Lenny Zeltser explains here how to use firewalls to separate network resources in a way that suits multitier applications.
Night of the Living Wi-Fi's (A Security Parable for Our Times)
Apr 5, 2002
Ed Skoudis' true-to-life scenario sends chills up the spine of any business with employees using unsecured wireless access.
IP Routing: From Basic Principles to Link State Protocols
Mar 29, 2002
Control network traffic by learning the routing protocols and mechanisms that build and maintain route information.
Making Free-Space Optics Work
Mar 29, 2002
This sample chapter looks at a number of the issues influencing the real-world performance of Free-Space Optics, including: weather, link distance, scattering, absorption, turbulence, misaiming, laser wavelength, and data rates.
Security Through Penetration Testing: Wrap Up
Mar 22, 2002
This sample chapter describes some ways to keep current on the latest tools and techniques in security.
Linux VPN Fundamentals
Mar 15, 2002
This sample chapter covers the important issues you need to be aware of before choosing and deploying a VPN solution. It describes various related concepts in the context of VPNs, such as firewalls, routing, and netmasks.

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