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Patterns in Network Architecture: Naming and Addressing
Feb 29, 2008
If you get it right, many things become easier, and you scarcely realize it's there.
Network Design Strategies
Aug 18, 2006
This chapter, from Upgrading and Repairing Networks, 5e, looks at the network's logical and physical design to assist your planning when creating a new network.
An Overview of Cisco IP Communications
Dec 9, 2005
This chapter provides an overview of Cisco IP Communications, including VoIP and how Cisco IP Communications differs from traditional telephone systems, and how you can use VoIP to achieve savings by routing your telephone calls over the IP WAN.
Improve Your Network's Security Using Network Admission Control
Aug 26, 2005
Is there a place for security focused on the good guys in networking? There is, and one of the latest additions to this area of security is called Network Admission Control (NAC). Sean Convery introduces NAC, a security measure built around the idea that asking specific questions of an organization's end hosts can improve the overall security of a network by improving the compliance of end systems to a given admission policy.
Web Services and Contemporary SOA (Part II: Advanced Messaging, Metadata, and Security)
Aug 5, 2005
This chapter examines the relationships between the SOAP messaging framework and the various WS-* extensions in service-oriented architecture and the features that SOAP enables.
RSS Clustering: A Unique Approach for Managing Your RSS Feeds
Jul 8, 2005
Content syndicated via RDF site summary (RSS) feeds is a great feature of the Net, with one big drawback: WTMI (way too much information). Jose Nazario discusses a custom RSS aggregation approach that allows the user to handle large volumes of RSS data, as well as find interesting trends within the flood.
Check Point CCSA Exam Cram: Defining Security Policy with SmartDashboard
Jul 1, 2005
This chapter will help you prepare for the CCSA exam, with a focus on SmartDashboard. Sample questions and comprehensive explanations will keep you up to date and equip you to pass the exam.
Introduction to Mobile Application Architectures
Oct 15, 2004
As mobile devices become more common, it becomes imperative to understand how this environment poses unique application architecture challenges. This chapter will help you understand the issues involved in developing applications for mobile devices.
WebLogic Application Performance Metrics Collection Using JMX and OpenView Performance Manager/Performance Insight
Oct 1, 2004
Anand Ganesan and Rajal Shah provide an overview of this business-critical Java Management Extensions technology in this timely article.
Troubleshooting Unicast Flooding Due to Topology
Sep 10, 2004
Unicast flooding occurs for many reasons in a switched network. This article addresses how to detect and troubleshoot unicast flooding issues due to spanning tree topology changes.
A Blade Server Primer
Aug 27, 2004
Network management specialist Stephen Morris discusses the emerging area of blade servers. This key data center technology has important implications for hard-pressed IT managers.
Analyzing Business Goals and Constraints of Network Design
Aug 6, 2004
This chapter covers typical network design business goals and constraints and talks about the top-down process for gathering information on goals, and the importance of using systematic methods for network design.
Creating a Fault-Tolerant Environment in Windows Server 2003
Aug 6, 2004
There are many ways to add fault tolerance to network services and resources running on Windows Server 2003 servers, and all without the hassle of third-party software. Find out how to use them in this chapter from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Insider Solutions.
N1 Grid Architecture Realized: Strategic Flexibility
Jul 16, 2004
Architectural solutions must solve the problems of cost and complexity and then strive to develop the business and IT linkage to its fullest extent. That is the central theme of the Sun N1 Grid architectural solution, explained here.
General Design Considerations for Secure Networks
Jun 18, 2004
Address Spaces & Transaction Routing
Feb 20, 2004
This chapter describes the general concepts of PCI Express transaction routing and the mechanisms used by a device in deciding whether to accept, forward, or reject a packet arriving at an ingress port.
Systems Architecture
Feb 20, 2004
The authors of A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture explain the three important aspects of systems architecture, and list systems architecture best practices.
Protocol Negotiation in CIFS
Dec 23, 2003
Christopher Hertel provides an overview of the available SMB dialects and takes a preliminary peek at some of advanced concepts like virtual circuits and authentication.
Network Design Strategies
Nov 13, 2003
Scott Mueller and Terry Ogletree talk about your network's logical and physical design, including planning and components of a logical network design, the physical network, and planning resources.
Network Management and MPLS
Nov 13, 2003
Stephen Morris shows you some basics of MPLS network management, including the major functional areas of FCAPS: fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security.

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