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The Evolution of SQL Server
Dec 6, 2002
Review some of the new features of SQL Server 2000, and see how it continues to set the standard for performance, ease-of-use, and out-of-the-box functionality.
Working with SQL Server 2000 Management Tools and Utilities
Dec 6, 2002
Check out the new toolset that comes with SQL Server 2000. You can administer your entire organization from a single graphical management console, with tools to run queries, examine performance information, and monitor your SQL Server services.
SQL Server Attacks: Hacking, Cracking, and Protection Techniques
Nov 29, 2002
Seth Fogie and Dr. Cyrus Peikari uncover two main methods for hacking SQL servers – and show how you can guard against them.
Tuning MDX: Improving Performance with Caches
Nov 22, 2002
Join author Bill Pearson in exploring ways to optimize performance in MDX queries. This article focuses on the types of intervention within which you can increase efficiency in MDX execution, as well as surrounding considerations for improving overall query performance.
Key MDX Components: Drilling Through to Details
Nov 15, 2002
Explore the drillthrough capabilities that debut in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Join Bill Pearson in a hands-on tutorial that examines drillthrough from both user and design perspectives, and discover how to see "what lies beneath" the OLAP cube's summary totals.
Key MDX Components: Working with Calculated Cells
Nov 8, 2002
Dive into calculated cells with Bill Pearson, and explore one of the most powerful new features of MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Get hands-on instruction in making exception highlighting work for your projects in a detailed practical lesson that gets you up to speed in no time.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: Creating a Local Cube with Office 2000
Nov 1, 2002
Make your OLAP Data portable with Office 2000 for remote analysis! Join Bill Pearson in creating a local cube, using two different hands-on approaches: First, we'll create a local cube from an existing Excel PivotTable report; then we'll explore a more design-oriented OLAP Cube Wizard for more sophistication and flexibility.
Key MDX Components: Building Calculated Members, Part 2
Nov 1, 2002
Bill Pearson continues his exploration of calculated members. Expanding aggregation functions, you practice the use of cumulative totals and gain insight to the value of retrieving member properties in your queries.
Key MDX Components: Building Calculated Members, Part 1
Oct 25, 2002
Join Bill Pearson in the hands-on creation of dynamic calculated members. Also featured is an introduction to aggregation functions, cumulative totals, and other operations with calculated members in MDX.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: Building a PivotTable List within FrontPage
Oct 18, 2002
Develop reports directly from an OLAP cube with an Office PivotTable list. This tutorial designs and builds a PivotTable list within Microsoft FrontPage 2000, so you can discover how developing from scratch differs from publishing from an existing Excel PivotTable report. The tutorial focuses on “natural” PivotTable list strengths, including made-for-web robustness and control over user capabilities.
Working with MDX Queries
Oct 18, 2002
Make the jump from MDX expressions into MDX queries with this tutorial. Bill Pearson explores rudimentary MDX queries, the basics of MDX sets and set functions, and introductory dynamic calculated members.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: OLAP Reporting with an Office PivotTable List
Oct 4, 2002
Build reports with an Office PivotTable list as a flexible alternative to PivotTable Reports. In this tutorial, we build a PivotTable list based on an existing Excel PivotTable report, and compare some of its characteristics to those of its PivotTable report counterpart. Our focus is the selection of an OLAP cube as the primary data source.
Intermediate MDX Concepts, Part 2
Oct 4, 2002
Continue your exploration of intermediate MDX concepts with hands-on practice exercises, exploring areas including the handling of hierarchical relationships, conditional tests, and examples of providing support for time-based analysis.
Intermediate MDX Concepts, Part 1
Sep 26, 2002
Fast-forward your basic understanding of MDX with this intermediate tutorial. Learn to return values from an OLAP cube, work with calculated measures, and more precisely retrieve data with the specification of single and multiple dimensions. Hands-on practice exercises serve to reinforce your grasp of MDX terminology and syntax structure throughout the tutorial.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office, Part 1: Creating an Excel PivotTable Report with an OLAP Cube
Sep 20, 2002
Explore the analysis capabilities of the Excel PivotTable report to present data from an OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) cube. In this tutorial, learn how to build a PivotTable report from scratch, and explore the details of its cube-focused functionality.
Introduction to MDX: Basic Concepts and Navigation
Sep 20, 2002
Get up to speed quickly on how to create MDX expressions based on single and multiple values. This tutorial helps beginners jump right into creating expressions for use with multidimensional data sources.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 5 - Dissecting Oracle 9i
Aug 30, 2002
See the pure power of this awarding-winning RDBMS by looking at the outstanding features and benefits that it has to offer you.
Optimizing Transact-SQL Code
Aug 9, 2002
Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls and writing good T-SQL code, as well as some advanced options that you might find useful.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 4 - The Softer Side of SQL Server 2000
Aug 9, 2002
See the conclusion of Rob Hawthorne's review of the good, the bad, and the ugly in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. And there's more on Oracle to come!
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 3 - A Closer Look at SQL Server
Aug 2, 2002
Explore Microsoft's SQL Server 2000, looking at features and benefits of this relational database management system.

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