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SQL Server Log Shipping
Aug 20, 2004
Baya Pavliashvili gets you started with log shipping (ensuring failover capability, not moving lumber) by discussing its advantages and drawbacks, and then shows you how to set up log shipping and how to fail your database over to the standby server.
SQL Server Query Design
Mar 24, 2006
The basics of programming against databases requires a firm understanding of the language used to create objects such as tables and views, read data, update data and remove data and objects. This series of tutorials covers the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT statements.
SQL Server Replication
Jan 25, 2002
How can you copy data from one place to another? In this excerpt from his book, Essential SQL Server 2000: An Administration Handbook, Buck Woody tells you how you can use replication with SQL Server.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 1
Mar 21, 2003
The deployment and configuration of software can be a real nightmare to standardize; administrators have their own ideas of best practice, even with checklists (or cheat sheets). In this series of articles, Rob Hawthorne discusses the unattended installation of SQL Server and shows you how to write your own scripts to install SQL Server, ensuring a standard and consistent deployment every time!
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 2
Mar 28, 2003
By scripting the installation of SQL Server, administrators and SQL DBAs can ensure a consistent deployment of SQL Server, every time! No more cheat sheets or how-to documents and a world free of tombs of documentation. Sound too good to be true? Rob Hawthorne shows you how to make your life easier by using a small self-documenting batch file.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 3
Apr 11, 2003
So far in this series, you have seen how to install SQL Server silently by using a simple batch file and the .iss unattend file. Now Rob Hawthorne looks at how to make the installation and configuration of SQL Server flow into a single call-able batch file, providing a "wrapper" installation script to any other scripts you may need to execute when installing and configuring SQL Server.
SQL Server Scripted Configuration: Part 4
Apr 18, 2003
In this article, Rob Hawthorne completes the series by showing you how to install an SP for SQL Server and gives you ways to modify the calling batch application to ensure that the whole process is completed from start to finish.
SQL Server Search Configuration
Jun 1, 2001
Using the Microsoft Search service with SQL Server, part 1: Improving your database's search capabilities.
SQL Server Stored Procedure Basics
Feb 8, 2002
Learn the basics of writing stored procedures, monitor stored procedure activity using the Profiler utility, and learn from several real-world stored procedure programming issues.
SQL Server String, Cursor, Security and Rowset Functions
Apr 18, 2003
Baya Pavliashvili continues his series on system-supplied functions by discussing the string, security, cursor, and rowset functions. Also discover some extra features, which are not mentioned in the SQL Server online documentation.
SQL Server System-Related Functions
Mar 14, 2003
In this second article in his series on functions, Baya Pavliashvili examines built-in functions that have to do with getting information about SQL Server internals, configuration, global variables, and metadata for system and user databases.
SQL Server Tuning: Database Maintenance
Jul 19, 2002
The database administrator works like a doctor, keeping databases healthy. Learn the routine maintenance tasks that can help your databases live a long and active life.
SQL Server User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
May 2, 2003
When you can't find a built-in function that meets your needs, you can write your own. This fifth article continues Baya Pavliashvili's series on system-supplied functions by introducing you to various types of user-defined functions (UDFs). Learn about their syntax and situations in which each one is useful.
SQL Server: Advantages and Drawbacks of User-Defined Functions
May 16, 2003
Why are UDFs important? What can you do with UDFs that you can't do with stored procedures? Although UDFs are not functionally stronger than stored procedures, they do provide certain advantages. Baya Pavliashvili discusses the advantages and limitations that are associated with UDFs and shows you the coding tasks that qualify as good candidates for UDFs.
SQL Server: Blocking Problems
May 24, 2002
If your users complain about applications being slow, you may have blocking problems. This article shows you how to determine the causes of the blocking and how to resolve them.
SQL Server: Details of Locking
May 17, 2002
Understanding SQL Server’s locking architecture and lock types should get you on your way to writing scalable applications.
SQL Server: Determining Whether a Date is a Business Day
Nov 9, 2001
Baya Pavliashvili demonstrates some of the built-in date-related functions and settings available in SQL Server through a user-defined function that helps you determine whether a given date falls on a business day.
SQL Server: Optimizing Database Performance Through Indexes
Aug 2, 2002
Want to improve your database query performance 10, 100, or possibly even 1,000 fold? Discover how to effectively incorporate indexes into your tables.
SQL Server: Recovering the Master Database
Jul 5, 2002
Having a carefully documented and tested recovery plan enables easy restoration of a server after a comprehensive failure. Run through a typical recovery situation step-by-step, plus review specific critical issues such as restoring logins and organizing restored user accounts.
SQL Server: Transaction and Locking Architecture
May 10, 2002
Why are transactions important in Microsoft SQL Server, and how are they implemented? This first article in the transactions and locking series gives you a general overview.

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