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Top Ten Reasons Cocoa is Great Because of Objective-C (and Not In Spite of It)
Jun 5, 2009
Erik Buck gives ten reasons why Objective-C makes Cocoa great.
Where the Web and the Desktop Meet: An Interview with Lee Barney
Jun 5, 2009
David Chisnall and Lee Barney talk about the blurring of the line between web applications and conventional applications.
Getting Started in Objective-C: Your First Program (LiveLessons Video)
May 26, 2009
Stephen Kochran guides you through the process of creating your first Objective-C program in this training video.
Improving Photos in iPhoto
May 25, 2009
Brad Miser walks you through how iPhoto’s editing tools enable you to improve photos to correct problems or to make them better.
Working with Bento Forms
Jan 15, 2009
This chapter shows you how to work with fields and forms in Bento.
Understanding Instruments in Xcode 3
Jul 29, 2008
Fritz Anderson walks you through the basics of Instruments, a framework for software-monitoring tools in Xcode 3.
Recovering from Crashes, Data Loss, and Other Problems in OS X Leopard
Jun 11, 2008
In this chapter, you learn ways to react to application and system crashes and ways to be proactive about virus protection.
Customizing and Personalizing Your Mac
Jun 2, 2008
It’s your Mac—why not have some fun with it? Let Kate Binder show how you can change the way your Mac looks, feels, and works.
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X: Custom Views
May 30, 2008
All visible objects in an application are either windows or views. In this chapter, Aaron Hillegass shows how to create a subclass of NSView.
Interview with Aaron Hillegass
May 28, 2008
Scott Stevenson interviews Aaron Hillegass about the new edition of Aaron's book, programmers' fear of the NIB file, and why there aren't more Macs in corporate America.
Managing Your OS X Leopard Desktop with Exposé, Spaces, and Other Tools
May 28, 2008
Brad Miser shows how to take advantage of features designed to help you manage all the clutter on your Leopard desktop.
Introduction to Migration in Apple's Core Data
Mar 7, 2008
Marcus Zarra walks you through the steps required to use the new versioning and migration API that has been added to Core Data in OS X 10.5 Leopard.
Using the OS X Leopard Command Line
Mar 7, 2008
Brian Tiemann lays the foundation for understanding the UNIX filesystem in OS X Leopard.
A Look at Apple's Core Animation
Feb 1, 2008
Marcus Zarra walks you through some of the basics of Core Animation and how they can be applied to a normal Cocoa application.
The State of Java Development on OS X
Jan 4, 2008
Marcus Zarra look at the OS X platform from a Java developer’s perspective and reviews the state of the tools available.
Packaging Your Application for OS X
Nov 21, 2007
Marcus Zarra explores some of the more common ways to make a bad first impression when delivering an OS X application.
Tiger vs. Leopard: Which Should You Develop For?
Oct 26, 2007
Marcus Zarra provides keys for Mac developers to consider when deciding whether to develop for Tiger or Leopard.
Myth or Fact? Is Mac OS X Really More Secure than Windows?
Apr 6, 2007
Apple's ads often promote Mac OS X as a much more secure platform than Windows and that sense of security and freedom from viruses, spyware, and network attacks is one of the things that often encourages Windows users to buy a Mac. But is Mac OS X's greater security real or just marketing? The truth is that it's a combination of fact and myth. Ryan Faas tells you why.
Get Acquainted with Font Book
Feb 26, 2007
Building on Apple Sync Services
Sep 8, 2006
In this third part of his series on Apple's Sync Services, Marcus Zarra walks you through the creation of a new sync schema that enables an application to synchronize its own unique data instead of synchronizing data with an existing application and/or schema.

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