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Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Flash Cards: Understanding Ethernet and Switch Operations
By Eric Rivard
Aug 19, 2013
To help in your CCNA preparations, this chapter covers the fundamentals of Ethernet technologies and describes how switches operate.
Cisco CCNA/CCENT ICND1 100-101 Exam Guide: Fundamentals of IP Version 6
By Wendell Odom
May 2, 2013
This chapter focuses on the core network layer functions of addressing and routing as covered on the CCNA/CCENT ICND1 100-101 exam.
Cisco ICND1 Foundation Learning Guide: LANs and Ethernet
By Anthony Sequeira
Jun 24, 2013
This chapter describes and explains the basic components of a LAN as well as common Ethernet technologies and media options. It also provides review questions and additional resources to assist in preparation for the Cisco ICND1 exam.
Cisco ICND2 Foundation Learning Guide: Implementing an EIGRP Solution
By John Tiso
Oct 18, 2013
To assist in your studies for the ICND2 exam, this chapter reviews the basics of dynamic routing and examines the operation, configuration, and troubleshooting of EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6.
Cisco Press Certification Reading List
By Timothy L. Warner
Nov 30, 2009
InformIT Certification Reference Guide host Time Warner walks you through self-study options for the various Cisco professional certifications.
Collision Domains and Broadcast Domains = Apples and Oranges
By Sean Wilkins
May 5, 2015
Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, doesn't approve of blurring collision domains and broadcast domains. Though these models are often taught together, modern technology has outpaced some of the ideas, and networking specialists who are new to the field need to distinguish between current terminology and outdated concepts.
Common Protocols for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
By Sean Wilkins
Oct 22, 2015
Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, discusses some of the protocols used on modern virtual private networks.
Configuration Scenario Labs Video Walkthrough from the CCENT/CCNA Network Simulator
By Sean Wilkins
Jan 8, 2014
This video walkthough of the CCENT/CCNA Network Simulator Configuration Scenario (CS) covers a "typical" CS Lab, including performing all the steps to complete a lab, Cisco IOS CLI interaction, and grading.
Five (or Six) Things That Will Make You a DHCP Wizard
By Sean Wilkins
Nov 17, 2015
You're probably using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) right now, as you read this article. Surprised? Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, explains what you need to know about the use of DHCP in modern communications.
Frame Relay for ICND Exam
By Wendell Odom
Aug 29, 2003
Wendell Odom tells you what you need to know to ace the Frame Relay portion of the ICND Exam. In this sample chapter, he concentrates on Frame Relay protocols and configuration.
Fundamentals of IP for the CCNA INTRO Exam #640-821
By Wendell Odom
Sep 12, 2003
Learn about the core concepts behind OSI Layer 3 and the main Layer 3 protocol used by TCP/IP to help you on the CCNA INTRO Exam.
Hardware and the OSI Model for the CCNA Exam
By James G. Jones, Sheldon Barry
Mar 26, 2004
How Can I Possibly Learn Everything in the New ICND1?
By Anthony Sequeira
May 2, 2013
Anthony Sequeira provides steps you can follow that should help you pursue excellence in entry-level Cisco certifications.
How Can I Possibly Learn Everything in the New ICND2?
By Anthony Sequeira
May 2, 2013
Anthony Sequeira breaks down the ICND2 exam content, letter for letter, with a focus on scope that you should know.
Inner Workings of the Domain Name System (DNS)
By Sean Wilkins
Nov 24, 2015
When you type an address into a browser and hit Enter, you expect to arrive at the intended website. Without the Domain Name System (DNS), that wouldn't happen. Whether simple or very complex, networks worldwide rely on the DNS to connect client and target. Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, explains how DNS connects one person or server with another, and why you need to know about this undervalued service.
Interview with CCNA Authors Lynn Maynes and Gary Heap
By Gary Heap, Lynn Maynes
Jan 24, 2003
Here's what Gary Heap and Lynn Maynes, both CCIEs, have to say about their CCNA book and the CCNA exam.
Introduction to 31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing and Switching Exam
By Allan Johnson
May 19, 2014
Allan Johnson provides a list of recommended resources to assist in your preparation for taking the CCNA Routing and Switching Exam. He also provides a brief introduction to the CCNA 200-201 Exam itself.
IP Access List Security for CCNA Exam #640-607
By Wendell Odom
Apr 19, 2002
Wendell Odom reviews the characteristics and limitations of the distance vector routing protocol RIP as part of the preparation for the CCNA exam #640-607.
IPv6 According to ICND1 Version 2
By Anthony Sequeira
Mar 26, 2013
Anthony Sequeira examines many of the key facts that one should know about the next generation of the Internet Protocol suite, IPv6, at the modified CCENT level. This article also serves as a guide for understanding the scope of what is covered in the new ICND1.
LAN Network Cable Media and Connectors
By Sean Wilkins
Dec 19, 2011
This article takes a look at the LAN network cable media that is typically installed in most environments and the different connectors that are often used.

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