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(Remote) Controlling Your Windows XP PC
Jul 15, 2005
Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to get to the next level of laziness with a low-cost remote control solution for Windows XP and Winamp.
Adding Devices to the Windows Home Server Network
Sep 21, 2007
Paul McFedries gives you the details on connecting devices to your Windows Home Server network.
Creating a Family/Personal Website
Nov 18, 2005
Composer offers several templates for creating personal web pages. This chapter will help you to create and customize a web page based on one of these templates, to make something that's truly yours.
Creating a Family/Personal Website (Using What You Already Know)
Oct 15, 2004
It seems these days that everyone has a website. Even my dog has a website. In this straight-forward and easy-to-follow chapter, you'll learn how to create a fetching website for your family, with some features that can help you keep your relatives up to date on your family's life.
Creating a Networked Home Without Rewiring
Jun 11, 2004
Mention home networking to some people and they instantly think about ripping up the walls. Fortunately, there are alternatives to destroying your home.
Cross-Network CD Burning with NeroNET
May 27, 2005
If you've run into roadblocks to sharing your DVD/CD burner over your home network, you've come to the right place. Learn here how you can use NeroNET software to share your DVD/CD recorder in an intranet setup.
Delivering Broadband Access Today: An Access Technologies Primer
Jan 21, 2005
This chapter explains the infrastructure required to provide broadband internet access to customers. DSL, cable, and Ethernet technologies are covered, and the respective network systems that are required to serve internet in these environments is explained.
Demographic and Social Trends in the Broadband Home
Oct 10, 2003
Who uses broadband, what do they use it for, and how have "always on" connections changed the habits of connected families? This sample chapter examines demographic and social trends of broadband households.
Eight Tips for Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network
Sep 9, 2009
The freedom of Wi-Fi connectivity doesn't always come easy, but these tips from Eric Geier will help make the experience as pain-free as possible.
Fixed Broadband Wireless Communications: Mathematical Tools for Digital Transmission Analysis
Dec 3, 2004
Measuring broadband wireless performance can involve complex mathematics, but this chapter will help you to keep it straight by providing the formulae that you need to analyze and evaluate broadband wireless performance.
Hitting the Road with Wi-Fi
Jul 16, 2004
Envious of those people checking their e-mail at Starbucks? Armed with the information in this sample chapter and a WiFi-capable laptop, you'll be able to connect to the internet on the go as well. Harold Davis explains the ins and outs of connecting wirelessly to commercial networks, and provides pointers on where to find these "WiFi hotspots."
Home Network Router Security Secrets
Apr 7, 2006
Ever delve inside your home network routers and use the hidden security settings that can lock down a network nice and tight? Most people never do. Andy Walker reveals 10 secrets on how to easily access your router's security settings.
Home Network Vulnerabilities: Spam, Cookies, Pop-Ups, Spyware, and Scams
Jul 1, 2005
In addition to viruses and worms, there are some other annoying programs and files out there that you need to protect your home network from. This chapter focuses on spam, cookies, spyware, and scams—what they are, how they work, and how to get rid of or at least control them.
How to Create a Plan for Your Home Business
Nov 18, 2004
This chapter outlines the various things you'll need to keep in mind when drafting a business plan for your new home business. Considerations like health coverage for employees and yourself are covered in detail, with links copious links to resources you'll need throughout the process.
How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Car (or Anywhere Around You) to Better Surf the Web
Mar 22, 2012
Jason R. Rich explains how to create a 4G mobile hotspot that can be accessed by any Apple iPhone or iPad to achieve Internet connectivity at speeds up to 10 times faster than a typical 3G wireless data connection.
Installing Broadband on Your Home System
Jan 21, 2005
Using broadband technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) can make your web surfing experience better, says John Mueller, but only if you get a good installation. Get some important tips from this article.
Is it Geek City Yet? Philadelphia, City-Wide Wi-Fi, and the Digital Inclusion Project
Jul 8, 2005
When "no child left behind" becomes "no household without Internet access," how will cities be affected? Who foots the bill? And how does the mechanism of government keep from hopeless entanglement with the objectives of the telecom industry? Sheryl Simons presents a fascinating tale of one big city's quest for the future: Wireless Philadelphia.
Managing Windows User Accounts on Your Home Computer
Jun 23, 2006
Even in households and home offices that have multiple computers (the reason you are setting up your wireless network), it’s not uncommon to share a computer with another user or users. This chapter takes a look at sharing a computer with another person and focuses on creating and managing Windows user accounts. It also covers the process of logging on and off your Windows system and switching users.
Mozilla Overlays: A New Way to Combine XML Documents
Nov 26, 2003
What do you do if XML information is split across several documents? The Mozilla platform has a neat solution to this problem. Documents written in Mozilla's XUL dialect of XML can be merged automatically into a single, final document using a system called overlays. Nigel McFarlane describes the overlay system in this article.
Multiple Monitors: One Way To Get More Display Space
Feb 24, 2006
Daniel Dern wanted to be able to see more onscreen when he's working, so he did a bit of research and found a myriad of multiple-monitor solutions that might work for various hardware configurations. Check out his experiences as he experimented to find the least expensive, if not necessarily most workable, solution.

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