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Including Sound in Your Flash MX Animation
Aug 30, 2002
Sound can make your Flash movie come alive. Unfortunately, if you're not careful users might endure long downloads or poor sound quality. This chapter goes through all of the ways to include sound in a movies timeline. You'll also learn the basics of digital sound.
Animation the Old-Fashioned Way with Flash MX
Aug 23, 2002
This is the first chapter where you get your hands dirty animating. Instead of jumping right into the tweening features, you start by using Flash to apply age-old techniques that make for effective animations.
Getting Familiar with the Dreamweaver Workspace
Aug 23, 2002
Get an overview of the Dreamweaver 4 workspace and become familiar with the different objects and palettes used to design and develop Web pages in Dreamweaver 4.
Creating a Local Site in Dreamweaver
Aug 16, 2002
Take the first step in organizing your website by creating a local site to helps with file and folder maintenance, development, QA testing, and general upkeep.
Importing Graphics into Flash MX
May 31, 2002
Despite how powerful Flash's graphic creation tools are, eventually you may want to import graphics created elsewhere. Here, Phillip Kerman teaches you how to use those other graphics in Flash.
Learning to Program with Flash MX ActionScript
May 31, 2002
Review some basic programming concepts in preparation for implementing them in Flash.
Drawing Images in Flash
Apr 12, 2002
Joseph Sullivan teaches how to draw lines, curves, and shapes such as ovals, circles, and rectangles. He also explains how intersection of lines and shapes can change a Flash 5 object.
Manipulating Artwork with Flash 5
Jan 4, 2002
This sample chapter from Special Edition Using Macromedia Flash 5 runs through the various Flash tool options and explains how each one behaves.
Design the Home Page and Site Identity in Flash 5
Dec 28, 2001
In this sample chapter from Flash Site Workshop, we'll explore your options for customization of the look, feel, and function of the navigation bar and the three key segments of the home page movie provided — the preloader, introduction ...
Flash and CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
Jul 30, 2001
Flash is a powerful tool for the Web, but just like all things, it has its limitations. This is where we need to lean on other applications to help us out. When you are done reading this article, you will be able to create a simple form in Flash that ...
Controlling Text in Macromedia Flash 5
Jul 19, 2001
In this sample chapter, learn how to create dynamic and input text fields in Macromedia Flash 5.
What to Expect from Flash Site Workshop
Jul 19, 2001
In this sample chapter from Flash Site Workshop, explore your options for customization of the look, feel, and function of the navigation bar and the three key segments of the home page movie provided—the preloader, introduction, and the actual home page.
Working with Paragraph Elements and HTML Styles in Macromedia Dreamweaver 4
Jul 19, 2001
In this sample chapter, learn to work with paragraph elements and HTML styles in Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.
Planning and Creating Your Project in Macromedia® Dreamweaver™ 4
May 25, 2001
In this chapter from Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia® Dreamweaver™ 4 in 24 Hours, author Betsy Bruce discusses how to define a Web site in the Site window, how to set up LAN, FTP, and source control transfer methods, and how to import an existing Web site.
Working with Pages and Sites in Dreamweaver
Jan 30, 2001
Learn how create a site from the beginning – a place where you can store all of the information you want to use, and a place that gives you a structure in which to work.
Introduction to the Flash Workspace
Dec 21, 2000
Before you can begin to use any application, you need to understand its workspace area. Explore the new Flash 5 workspace area in this chapter from Macromedia Flash 5 From Scratch.
Planning and Managing a Web Site
Dec 6, 2000
In this chapter, author John Ray discusses the necessary steps you must take before starting to work on your Web site.

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