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Improving Performance with mod_perl
Aug 20, 2001
In this sample chapter, Paul Dubois describes what mod_perl is, how it changes the way Apache handles scripts to make them execute more quickly, and how that will lead to improved performance in getting data from your MySQL server with Apache.
Antibugging in Perl
Jul 13, 2001
Antibugging describes a set of programming techniques that minimize the probability of introducing a bug to a program at design time or input. You could also call it defensive programming. In this chapter from Perl Debugged, the authors come up with ...
Viewing Compressed Files from the Web
Jun 8, 2001
Files can clutter up your system worse than empty cola cans and sticky notes clutter your workspace. How can you manage these text files easily while saving disk space, using the Web as a way to view them? With the power of Perl.
An XML and RSS Overview
Mar 30, 2001
Learn some basics of an XML document and see how to use an XML variant, RSS, for the Web.
Network Programming with Perl: Input/Output Basics
Mar 30, 2001
Get the background information you'll need to write TCP/IP applications in Perl. In this chapter, the authors review Perl's input/output (I/O) system using the language's built-in function calls, and then using the object-oriented (OO) ...

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