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Modules in Perl
Sep 26, 2002
Make your Perl programs more maintainable and reusable. Learn how to effectively use and document packages and modules.
Network Programming with Perl: Input/Output Basics
Mar 30, 2001
Get the background information you'll need to write TCP/IP applications in Perl. In this chapter, the authors review Perl's input/output (I/O) system using the language's built-in function calls, and then using the object-oriented (OO) ...
Perl and Autovivification
Aug 9, 2002
Perl programmers of the world, learn how to be even more lazy and let Perl do the work for you. Discover the power of autovivification and referencing the dereferenced.
Perl and XML Web Services
May 16, 2003
This chapter discusses web services and some of the Perl facilities that support them.
Perl Fundamentals: Subroutines
Jun 15, 2009
This video excerpt is from lesson 5 of Perl Fundamentals.
Perl Scripts as Commands
Sep 13, 2002
Learn how you can easily turn Perl scripts into commands that can be run at the command line.
Perl's Building Blocks: Numbers and Strings
Aug 23, 2002
Learn to express yourself in Perl through scalar variables, operators, and expressions and test your knowledge by following an Interest Calculator example.
Process HTML with a Perl Module
Apr 14, 2010
brian d foy shows you how to use HTML::TreeBuilder so you end up using a natural, easy-to-follow interface that your maintenance programmers can understand. Now that's effective Perl.
Programming in PerlNET: First Steps
Mar 7, 2003
Learn how to compile and run PerlNET programs, and how to incorporate the input and output .NET classes into your programs. Also, examine an example program that involves user interaction and shows how to use Perl-specific constructions inside the .NET environment.
Regular Expressions in Perl—Pattern Matching
May 15, 2008
Learn what they are and how to use them.
Resolving User SIDs
Sep 2, 2001
All security hinges on one central idea, that there is a user to whom you want to either grant or deny access. New Riders' author and Perl programming expert Dave Roth explains what security identifiers are and how to map SIDs to user accounts.
Scalar Data and Operators in Perl
Dec 13, 2002
Laura Lemay and Richard Colburn discuss almost everything you could ever want to know about scalar data. Learn about tables of operators, operator precedence, pattern matching with digits, input and output, and calling functions with and without parentheses around their arguments.
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to develop Web services using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Perl.
Stacking Perl's Building Blocks: Lists and Arrays
Sep 6, 2002
Discover the numerous ways of manipulating lists and arrays in Perl and follow up with a game example.
Stupid Perl Trick: Mnemonic Phone Numbers
Sep 2, 2001
What’s your mother’s phone number? How about the Chinese takeout place? This article shows how to use Perl in a practical way to create mnemonic phone numbers.
Taming Batch Operations Using Perl: A Tale of One Application, a Group of Users, Two Languages, and a Few Tools
Apr 13, 2007
In this tale of BRP/P and some of the people working with it, Philipp Janert looks at an old application originating from a mainframe system and describes how the differences in user interfaces result in different usage patterns.
Test Now, Test Forever: A Philosophy of Perl Programming
Apr 30, 2004
Humans don't like creating QA tests. We became programmers to exercise our creativity, but "testing" conjures up images of slack-jawed drones looking for defects in bolts passing by them on a conveyor belt. The good news is that Perl's Test:: modules make it easier to overcome this natural aversion to writing tests at the time you're developing code.
The Perl Ties That Bind
Jul 26, 2002
Learn how to provide reusable code using Perl 5 ties - a way of intercepting accesses to a Perl variable (array, hash, scalar, or filehandle).
Viewing Compressed Files from the Web
Jun 8, 2001
Files can clutter up your system worse than empty cola cans and sticky notes clutter your workspace. How can you manage these text files easily while saving disk space, using the Web as a way to view them? With the power of Perl.
Web Database Interaction Using Perl
Oct 19, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to create an HTML interface to any database that implements the Structured Query Language (SQL).

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