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Using Node.js and Socket.IO with Twitter’s Streaming API
Oct 3, 2012
Learn about how Node.js and Socket.IO can be used to consume data directly from the Web and then broadcast the data to connected clients. You will be working with Twitter’s streaming Application Programming Interface (API) and pushing data out to the browser in real-time.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 3
Sep 18, 2012
Developer Jeff Friesen concludes his series on JQuery's selectors by exploring filter, extension, and custom selectors.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 2
Sep 11, 2012
Jeff Friesen continues his exploration of selectors by focusing on jQuery's form and attribute selector categories.
Testing Your JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Part 2 of 2: Writing Tests
Sep 6, 2012
In part 1 of this series, you learned why testing your JavaScript or CoffeeScript code is important, and how to set up testing in a Ruby on Rails project. Mark Bates, author of Programming in CoffeeScript, concludes this series by showing how to use Mocha, Chai, and other libraries to write your tests.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 1
Sep 4, 2012
In the first of a 3-part series, developer Jeff Friesen defines jQuery's selectors, presents some generic syntax for working with them, and takes you on a tour of jQuery's basic and hierarchy selectors.
Learning JavaScript: Variables, Functions, and Loops
Aug 30, 2012
Tim Wright expands on variables, then moves on to creating functions, and last, goes over how to loop through data to autoexecute the same code block over and over.
An Overview of CoffeeScript
Aug 14, 2012
David Chisnall follows on his look at Dart to examine a more conservative approach to improving on JavaScript as a web development language: CoffeeScript.
How to Use Functions and Arguments in CoffeeScript
Aug 9, 2012
Mark Bates looks at one of the most essential parts of any language, the function. Functions allow us to encapsulate reusable and discrete code blocks. Without functions our code would be one long, unreadable, and unmaintainable mess.
Introduction to the jQuery Mobile Framework
Aug 8, 2012
Phllip Dutson shows you how to add jQuery Mobile to a web page and how jQuery Mobile runs with the use of data roles. Learn to create a basic page with HTML and make it a mobile page using jQuery Mobile. Finally, he'll cover the pageinit function and the difference between it and the standard jQuery $(document).ready() function.
An Overview of Dart, Part 2
Aug 6, 2012
David Chisnall continues his look at Dart, focusing on some of the features that make the language distinct from JavaScript.
Testing Your JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Part 1 of 2: Setting Up a Test Framework in Ruby on Rails
Aug 6, 2012
Are you part of the vast majority of people who don't bother with testing their JavaScript code? Mark Bates, author of Programming in CoffeeScript, has written in JavaScript for years, but admits that he only recently began testing it. In part 1 of this series, see why your familiar arguments against testing your JavaScript no longer wash.
An Overview of Dart, Part 1
Jul 30, 2012
David Chisnall takes an initial look at Dart, a language from Google designed as a possible replacement to JavaScript in for rich web applications.
A Website Is Really Just Text: Build One in 5 Minutes
May 21, 2012
This chapter starts with a blank site and one HTML page and works its way from there to a fully functional site.
JavaScript: The Web Assembly Language?
Apr 16, 2012
People are increasingly generating JavaScript from other languages instead of writing it directly, making JavaScript the assembly language of the web. David Chisnall looks at the language's suitability to this role.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino, Part 2
Dec 1, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, continues his examination of how to use Amino to create cross-platform applications in JavaScript and Java. Learn how to use Amino to start and end a 'War.'
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino
Oct 17, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, introduces the cross-platform Amino scene graph API, which allows you to create applications in JavaScript and Java. Follow along as he uses Amino to create a binary clock.
Charlie Hunt on Java Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Oct 4, 2011
Steven Haines and Charlie Hunt, co-author of Java Performance, talk about performance issues, application monitoring, scalability vs performance, and the impact cloud computing has on application monitoring and performance management.
Be a Better Java Programmer: A Reading List by Binu John
Oct 3, 2011
Java performance expert Binu John shares 6 of the most important books in his programming library and explains why each is so valuable.
Android 101: Developing for Google TV
Sep 13, 2011
If you are an Android developer, you now have yet another platform on which to develop an app: Google TV. Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey show you how to get started.
Prototypes in JavaScript
Aug 22, 2011
David Chisnall explores JavaScript as an example of prototype-based object orientation. In this article, he shows how it's possible to implement more complex object models on top of this simple abstraction.

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