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CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 2: CoffeeScript Language Basics
Sep 11, 2013
Jeff Friesen introduces the basic language features of CoffeeScript that you must understand before diving into advanced language features.
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 3: CoffeeScript Functions and Classes
Sep 11, 2013
One of CoffeeScript's key strengths is that almost everything is an expression. In addition to learning about this concept in Part 3 of Jeff Friesen's four-part series on CoffeeScript, you explore CoffeeScript's new and improved operators, destructuring assignments, decisions, and loops (including 'for' comprehensions).
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 4: Developing Applications
Sep 11, 2013
This final installment of Jeff Friesen's CoffeeScript series introduces you to classes and several additional language features: function binding, block regular expressions, closures, and embedded JavaScript.
Content Providers: Android's Data Sharing Mechanisms
Aug 6, 2008
Carl-Gustaf Harroch focuses on the data-sharing mechanism offered by Android (in reference to Android release v0.5).
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino
Oct 17, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, introduces the cross-platform Amino scene graph API, which allows you to create applications in JavaScript and Java. Follow along as he uses Amino to create a binary clock.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino, Part 2
Dec 1, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, continues his examination of how to use Amino to create cross-platform applications in JavaScript and Java. Learn how to use Amino to start and end a 'War.'
Cross-Browser Solutions: Detection and Generic Functions
Sep 2, 2001
Cross-browser scripting might be difficult, but it is possible. Paul McFedries gives you some pointers on scripting for multiple object models.
Debugging JavaScript in Dreamweaver
Oct 18, 2002
Although JavaScript works well for client-side scripting, identifying and fixing errors in the code can be difficult. Dreamweaver's JavaScript Debugger comes to the rescue: Find out how to find and fix incorrect JavaScript code here.
Developing AJAX Applications with jQuery
Jun 30, 2009
CCIE and networking specialist Ivan Pepelnjak describes the benefits of using the jQuery library in AJAX/Web 2.0 applications.
Employing Rexx as a Scripting Language for Java
Oct 28, 2005
Rony Flatscher introduces the open source and free Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), which allows any Java application to deploy scripts in other languages. Any Java application developer can use BSF to supply scriptability in a user-friendly scripting language such as Rexx.
Encrypting Text with JavaScript
Sep 2, 2001
Encoding and encrypting cookie characters helps slow down cookie interlopers seeking sensitive material such as credit card numbers. Paul McFedries covers the basics here and gives you an algorithm to use in encryption.
Enhance Your AJAX Applications with Visual Cues
Dec 14, 2007
Help the users of your app understand what the application is doing.
Enrich Your HTML Tables with JavaScript Progressive Enhancement
Sep 7, 2007
Use JavaScript Progressive Enhancement to make good-looking HTML tables.
Enterprise Ajax (Video Training): The XMLHttpRequest Object and Data
Nov 28, 2008
This video excerpt is lesson 4 from Enterprise Ajax (Video Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 1
Sep 4, 2012
In the first of a 3-part series, developer Jeff Friesen defines jQuery's selectors, presents some generic syntax for working with them, and takes you on a tour of jQuery's basic and hierarchy selectors.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 2
Sep 11, 2012
Jeff Friesen continues his exploration of selectors by focusing on jQuery's form and attribute selector categories.
Exploring jQuery Selectors, Part 3
Sep 18, 2012
Developer Jeff Friesen concludes his series on JQuery's selectors by exploring filter, extension, and custom selectors.
Functions and Statements in JavaScript
Oct 25, 2002
This sample chapter shows how you can store code by creating your own functions, and how you can control the flow of a script. You will also learn about some of the conveniently built-in pieces of code found in JavaScript.
Getting Data with Forms Using JavaScript
Nov 29, 2002
This lesson includes an overview of the HTML tags used to create forms and the corresponding JavaScript objects.
Getting Started with ASP.NET Ajax
Aug 20, 2008
Ajax is the technology of choice for building fast and responsive web applications. Find out why.

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