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Backup Considerations
By Richard Waymire
Nov 6, 2000
Perhaps the most important but least glamorous aspect of supporting a relational database is backup and recovery. No matter how much work you do to make your database secure and your data available, data protection is the most critical aspect of your ...
Creating a Database in SQL Server 2000
By Rick Sawtell
Nov 6, 2000
When you create a new database, you are really just making a copy of the model database. Remember that everything in the model database, including any database options that you may have set, will show up in any new databases you create. After you create ...
Statement Permissions
By Richard Waymire
Nov 6, 2000
Statement permissions allow a database user, database role, or Windows user or group to perform various tasks such as creating databases, creating objects, or backing up the database. Statement permissions allow a user to run a particular command (or ...

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