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By Matthew David
Jan 1, 2003
SQL Performance Tuning: Simple "Searches"
By Peter Gulutzan, Trudy Pelzer
Dec 13, 2002
Master SQL syntax-based optimizing and simple search conditions. Learn which search conditions are best, and armed with this information, you can decide whether to change the order of expressions, or to substitute one expression for another that does the same work more efficiently.
Joining Tables in SQL Queries
By Ron Plew, Ryan Stephens
Oct 25, 2002
This lesson teaches the reader how to join multiple tables in a single query in order to optimize the use of the data stored in the database.
PHP Database Integration—SQL
By Matt Zandstra
Oct 25, 2002
Sharing information with databases is a key requirement of most professional web pages. This lesson provides a brief introduction to SQL and explains how to connect to and access data from a SQL database.
Summarizing Data Results from a SQL Query
By Ron Plew, Ryan Stephens
Oct 18, 2002
In this lesson, aggregate functions are explained by example, providing the reader with a solid foundation that can be applied to empower the database query.
SQL Fundamentals: Getting Information From a Table
By John J. Patrick
Jul 5, 2002
Software developer John Patrick reviews the four basic clauses of the Structured Query Language (SQL) select statement along with their options. Learn how to obtain table information using the select statement of this relational database technology.
Practical SQL: Creating and Using Views
By Judith S. Bowman
Jun 7, 2002
Use views to control how users see your data. Views allow you to provide focus, simplification, and customization of tables in your database.
Practical SQL: Tuning Queries
By Judith S. Bowman
May 31, 2002
This excerpt teaches how to make your SQL as effective as possible from a performance point of view.
Practical SQL: Finding and Changing Words ("&" to "and")
By Judith S. Bowman
May 24, 2002
Sometimes you need to find and change words in SQL. In this article, you learn how to get inside the expression, find the offending segment, and change it.
Practical SQL: Subqueries in FROM and SELECT Clauses
By Judith S. Bowman
May 17, 2002
The ANSI standard allows a subquery in the FROM clause, and some relational database management systems (RDBMSs) permit a subquery in the SELECT clause. Learn how to use them here.
Practical SQL: Making the Best Use of Views
By Judith S. Bowman
May 10, 2002
Do you want to simplify and customize the “view” of your data? This article gives you the basics of view construction.
An Introduction to SQL
By Ewald Geschwinde, Hans-Juergen Schoenig
Mar 15, 2002
Structured Query Language (SQL) enables you to pose complex questions to a database. It also provides a means of modifying databases. Many databases support SQL, so you can apply this knowledge to MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and countless other databases.
PostgreSQL Compiling and Installation
By Barry Stinson
Mar 8, 2002
New Riders author Barry Stinson gives those who are new to PostgreSQL, but familiar with database concepts in general, a quick-start guide to administrating a PostgreSQL database.
SQL Server Stored Procedure Basics
By Ken Henderson
Feb 8, 2002
Learn the basics of writing stored procedures, monitor stored procedure activity using the Profiler utility, and learn from several real-world stored procedure programming issues.
Practical SQL: Selecting Data from the Database
By Judith S. Bowman, Marcy Darnovsky, Sandra L. Emerson
Nov 2, 2001
This sample chapter from The Practical SQL Handbook: Using SQL Variants focuses on the SELECT statement and some of the many things it can do. This chapter covers the SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clauses, search conditions, and expressions.
SQL Server 2000 and the XDR Schema
By John Griffin
Sep 21, 2001
Schemas, Microsoft's version of XML schemas, create XML views of relational data which can then be queried via XPath expressions. This article looks at XDR Schemas and how they work with SQL Server 2000.
Sorting Retrieved Data in SQL
By Ben Forta
Jul 13, 2001
In this sample chapter, you will learn how to use the SELECT statement's ORDER BY clause to sort retrieved data in SQL.
InformIT Visual Tutorial 3: Structured Query Language (SQL)
By Nick V. Flor, Nancy Flor
Jul 6, 2001
A database lets you safely store and retrieve data from your Web site's users. To get to that data, you use Structured Query Language (SQL).
Working with Columns
By Todd Haynie, Lowell Mauer
May 11, 2001
In this chapter from Sams Teach Yourself Transact-SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition, you will learn several techniques that will help you throughout your SQL programming career.
Adding a User to a Database
By Richard Waymire
Nov 6, 2000
Everything you do in SQL Server is authenticated, including creation of the databases and files. Understanding SQL Server security is critical to the successful operation of your SQL Server.

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