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Anatomy of an Ajax Application
Jul 1, 2008
Learn the building blocks of an Ajax application and how they work together.
Android 101: Developing for Google TV
Sep 13, 2011
If you are an Android developer, you now have yet another platform on which to develop an app: Google TV. Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey show you how to get started.
Applying AJAX to a PHP App to Make It Highly Responsive
Mar 20, 2014
AJAX is rapidly becoming an integral part of websites. It not only provides better interactivity but also reloads the dynamic content of web pages quicker than traditional web pages. Learn to apply AJAX in PHP applications to enhance interaction between the user and application.
Content Providers: Android's Data Sharing Mechanisms
Aug 6, 2008
Carl-Gustaf Harroch focuses on the data-sharing mechanism offered by Android (in reference to Android release v0.5).
Enhance Your AJAX Applications with Visual Cues
Dec 14, 2007
Help the users of your app understand what the application is doing.
Enterprise Ajax (Video Training): The XMLHttpRequest Object and Data
Nov 28, 2008
This video excerpt is lesson 4 from Enterprise Ajax (Video Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications.
Getting Started with ASP.NET Ajax
Aug 20, 2008
Ajax is the technology of choice for building fast and responsive web applications. Find out why.
Introduction to the jQuery Mobile Framework
Aug 8, 2012
Phllip Dutson shows you how to add jQuery Mobile to a web page and how jQuery Mobile runs with the use of data roles. Learn to create a basic page with HTML and make it a mobile page using jQuery Mobile. Finally, he'll cover the pageinit function and the difference between it and the standard jQuery $(document).ready() function.
Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript and Ajax Video Learning: A JavaScript Library for Ajax
Mar 4, 2009
This video excerpt is lesson 23 from Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript and Ajax: Video Learning.
Software Engineering for Ajax Using the Google Web Toolkit
Jan 18, 2008
This chapter looks at how to use the Java software engineering tools in GWT to build nontrivial high-quality Ajax applications.
Transparency in Ajax Applications
Feb 15, 2008
Billy Hoffman and Bryan Sullivan explain why it's in your best interest to keep as much business logic as possible on the server.
Using Dojo for Client-side Validation
Jun 23, 2008
Here are the Dojo features that allow you to easily add validation.