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A Cocoa Application: Views
Apr 14, 2006
This chapter introduces Interface Builder, a tool no less important to Cocoa development than Xcode itself. IB is used as a straightforward tool for laying out windows and views. You'll see how to set the many options for automatic sizing of embedded views and how to use Interface Builder's own simulation mode to verify that your layout and sizing choices work.
A Half-Way Step to Apple’s Source Code: An Interview with David Chisnall
Jun 5, 2009
Longtime InformIT contributor David Chisnall talks Cocoa, GNUstep, and the Étoilé project with Linda Leung.
A Primer on Object-Oriented Concepts
Jul 8, 2013
Programming Expert Jesse Smith shows you how valuable understanding object oriented concepts are to facilitate good code design.
A Tour of the iOS Media Frameworks
Jun 12, 2012
The sheer number of multimedia frameworks in the iOS SDK and their differing purposes, architectural legacies, and functional overlap all make it difficult to figure out which ones solve your problem. Chris Adamson sorts out the strengths and purposes of each.
Accessing iPhone's GPS, Acceleration, and Other Native Functions with QuickConnect
Jun 25, 2009
Lee Barney shows how to activate several desirable features of iPhone or iPod Touch devices from within your JavaScript application.
Accustoming Yourself to Objective-C
Jun 6, 2013
Writing Objective-C can be learned quickly but has many intricacies to be aware of and features that are often overlooked. This chapter covers the fundamental topics of Objective-C programming.
Adding Bounce to Your UIViews: The Joy of Damped Harmonics in iOS 7 Development
May 28, 2014
iOS 7 introduced built-in damped harmonic oscillations through its spring-based animator. Learn about this new API and how it adds timing curves that emulate the motion of a physical spring.
Adding Open Source 3D Physics to Your iOS Applications
Jun 12, 2012
Erik Buck takes a step beyond 2D physics to explore realistic 3D physics simulation for iOS applications.
Advanced Flow Control for Objective-C
Jun 5, 2009
David Chisnall points out some of the more dynamic options that make Objective-C code even simpler than C.
An Overview of Core Audio
Apr 30, 2012
This chapter looks at what’s in Core Audio and where to find it. Then it broadly surveys some of its most distinctive conventions, which you’ll get a taste for by writing a simple application to exercise Core Audio’s capability to work with audio metadata in files.
Jan 1, 2003
Automatic Reference Counting in Objective-C, Part 1
Aug 15, 2011
David Chisnall introduces you to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), which implements automatic memory management for Objective-C objects and blocks, freeing you from inserting retains and releases.
Automatic Reference Counting in Objective-C, Part 2: The Details
Aug 17, 2011
David Chisnall takes a look at how Automatic Reference Counting interoperates with C and C++, and how some of the optimizations work.
Basic Animations with Core Animation
Dec 28, 2009
Marcus Zarra and Matt Long explain Core Animation's flexibility in allowing you to achieve your application animation goals.
Be More Productive in Xcode Using Code Snippets
Jun 12, 2012
Kirby Turner shows you the ins and outs of using code snippets in Xcode 4, saving you time and reducing the amount of code you type.
Behind the Scenes of Objective-C 2.0
Nov 3, 2006
David Chisnall takes a look behind the scenes at Apple's upcoming revamp of the Objective-C language. As with any new language, some things are good, some are ugly, and some are both.
Big Nerd Ranch Advanced Mac OS X Programming: Blocks
Nov 14, 2011
In this chapter, Big Nerd Ranch's Mark Dalrymple describes the blocks runtime as released with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
Build a Tip Calculator App in iOS 8 Using Swift
Jan 13, 2015
Learn how to build a tip calculator in iOS 8, with an introduction to Swift, Text Fields, Sliders, Outlets, Actions, View Controllers, Event Handling, NSDecimalNumber, NSNumberFormatter and Automatic Reference Counting, in this chapter from iOS 8 for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach with Swift, 3rd Edition.
Building Blocks into AVFoundation Movies in Objective-C
Jun 11, 2014
Do you like AVFoundation? Do you like blocks? They're two great technologies that taste great together. Learn how to blend these two to create flexible frame compositions for your custom movies.
Building Responsive User Interfaces in iOS6
Jan 30, 2013
The ability to create interfaces that display correctly regardless of your iDevice’s screen size or orientation is one of the key features that users expect in an application. This lesson explores the Xcode Auto Layout system and three different ways of adding rotatable and resizable interfaces to your apps.

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