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Mobilize Your Enterprise Part 4: Challenges
Sep 20, 2002
Some of the main challenges to achieving enterprise mobility include device management, security, synchronization of data, and network quality of service. Chris Bennett looks at these challenges and suggests possible solutions.
Mobilize Your Enterprise Part 3: Technologies
Sep 6, 2002
Find out what is available for going mobile in your business by learning the platforms, connectivity options, and middleware.
Mobilize Your Enterprise Part 2: Case Studies
Aug 30, 2002
What do lawyers, field technicians, and salespeople have in common? Find out how each of these groups is using the latest in mobile technology to get the job done.
Streaming to Mobile Devices
Aug 30, 2002
Catch the next wave of wireless and get the lowdown on what technology is available to stream media to mobile devices.
Farmers Go High-Tech: Cultivating Crops and Wireless Customers, Too!
Aug 23, 2002
When you think of a farm, do you still envision tire swings, corn, and Mayberry? Find out how rural America is changing and stepping onto the information highway.
Mobilize Your Enterprise Part 1: Introduction and Strategy
Aug 23, 2002
Mobile workers are all around us: Anyone who spends a significant part of the day away from the office is a potential candidate for using mobile applications. Discover an approach that businesses can use to mobilize their enterprises.
Windows XP Wireless Security
Aug 16, 2002
Join the crowd and go wireless. Learn how to set up and configure a wireless network in Windows XP in the most secure and cost-effective manner.
Deitel Introduces Wireless Platforms and Programming Languages
Aug 2, 2002
This DEITEL™ article provides an overview of the Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) and the EPOC wireless platforms. The article also introduces Handheld Devices Markup Language (HDML), Wireless Markup Language (WML), compact HyperText Markup Language (cHTML), Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML).
The Wireless World
Aug 2, 2002
Sort through wireless alphabet soup, visit the roots of mobile phones, and foresee the future of the market through this in-depth guide to the wireless world.
Unwitting Collaborators, Part 6: Wireless Insecurity
Jul 26, 2002
"Wardrivers" don't need much more than a laptop, a network card, and a car to find and infiltrate wireless networks. This article explains how "wardriving" works and how to defend your company against it.
Wireless in Wartime
Jul 26, 2002
Are we ready for 21st century warfare? Although the cell phone swinging from your hip may be the source of fun and family connectedness, this technology takes on very serious dimensions during critical times.
Cracking WEP
Jul 12, 2002
The security of wireless networks have been reported, discussed, and fought over for more than a year now. What are the dangers of cracking WEP? After reading this article, you will understand what a weak IV is; and how RC4, the KSA, PRGA, and XOR are exploited to crack WEP.
Optical Networking: Fundamentals of Light
Jul 12, 2002
How has science contributed to the recent increase in bandwidth on the Internet? Discover the basis of optical networking and what is behind today's improved fibers and other basic optical components.
SMS: Is it Happenin' Yet?
Jul 12, 2002
With the explosion of wireless communication, Americans want to always keep in touch (whether at school, in traffic, or even walking on the beach). Will we say "yes" to text messaging, or SMS (Short Message Service), the same way we have come to depend on other wireless media?
What Is Bluetooth?
Jul 12, 2002
Find out what is really behind the buzzword Bluetooth and how it can help you and your company with short-range wireless communication.
Bluetooth: Unifying the Telecommunications and Computing Industries
Jul 5, 2002
Examine how Bluetooth wireless technology is setting the stage for the next step in the information technology revolution. Learn about the Personal Area Network (PAN), piconets and scatternets, and how Bluetooth will enable devices to communicate seamlessly through a standardized communications subsystem.
Electro-Optics: Fundamentals of Light
Jul 5, 2002
Professor Leo Setian explains the fundamentals of light, from the wave equation and Maxwell's equations to Snell's law and Brewster's angle. He also covers communicating with light, concentrating on fiber optics.
The M-Business Evolution
Jul 5, 2002
Explore the current state of the union within the mobile business community and how the wireless situation came to its present condition in consumer and enterprise markets.
Deitel Presents Location-Identification Technologies
Jun 28, 2002
This DEITEL™ article introduces location-based technologies. They explore how businesses and consumers are taking advantage of new location-identifying technologies for commerce and the various technologies used to determine the location of wireless-devices.
Wireless Networks: Where We Are, Where We're Headed
Jun 28, 2002
Follow the evolution of the telecommunications industry from start to present. Learn about the principles of air-interface designs, the impact of the internet and cable television networks, and the standard development process that continues to shape the industry.

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