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Demographic and Social Trends in the Broadband Home
Oct 10, 2003
Who uses broadband, what do they use it for, and how have "always on" connections changed the habits of connected families? This sample chapter examines demographic and social trends of broadband households.
Metro Ethernet Services
Oct 3, 2003
This sample chapter discusses the basics of L2 Ethernet switching and the different metro Ethernet service concepts as introduced by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).
Developing "Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks"
Jul 11, 2003
Getting to Know Wireless Networks and Technology
Jul 4, 2003
Get a brief introduction to wireless networks and technology. You will see where this technology has been, where it is now, and where it is expected to go in the future.
Building a Mobile Platform Strategy - Part Two
May 30, 2003
Building functional and application roadmaps for enterprise wireless applications is the easy part. Choosing devices, platforms, and application software is the tricky part. Bhavish Sood leads you through the maze.
Mobile Location Services: The Application Server
May 16, 2003
If you're building and deploying mobile location-based services, your application server should allow you to develop and shelter the business logic that will differentiate you from your competitors and save you from having to rearchitect or throw out your system if a component in your architecture needs to change. Start learning here.
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1
May 9, 2003
Bryan Morgan discusses how the release of Nokia's Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 provides WAP and MMS application developers with an integrated development environment in order to build the next generation of wireless applications. It allows developers to remain a step ahead of the general market by being able to build and test tomorrow's features — such as MMS, WTAI, and XHTML — today.
What are Bluetooth Profiles?
May 2, 2003
The answer: Profiles enable end-user functionality by defining user and behaviour characteristics. Read on if you would like to know more about Profiles and how they fit into the Bluetooth solution.
Mobile Database Development Tutorial: Part 4
Apr 11, 2003
Mobile applications, when architected and developed correctly, can provide significant return-on-investment because mobile workers are the employees most likely to come into contact with actual customers. To conclude the series on mobile database development, Bryan Morgan explores the intricacies of synchronizing mobile databases with enterprise data sources.
Book Review: "Deploying Wireless WANs" and Interview with Jack Unger
Mar 14, 2003
Ed Tittel's Survey of Wireless Technology
Mar 1, 2003
Wireless technologies, applications, devices, and appliances will continue to proliferate into most people's lives. Check out some of the main attractions in this territory and gain a sense of what they are, what they can do, and why you might care.
Attack of the Clones: Is Lindows the Real Deal?
Feb 14, 2003
Lindows 3.0 promises fast installations, easy updates, and an interface built to please. Seth Fogie takes a closer look at this operating system to determine whether Lindows has accomplished its goal.
For Wireless Security, First Understand Wireless Programming
Feb 14, 2003
One of the steps to mastering wireless security is to first master the basics of wireless programming. Look at the basics of XML, WML, i-mode, Java, and more to get a feel of the industry's programming standards.
Wireless Channel Modeling
Dec 27, 2002
The emergence of wireless systems that require more and more bandwidth means the task of conquering the wireless channel is becoming more difficult. This chapter presents an overview of channel modeling history in the context of wireless communications and demonstrates the need for studying the full space–time wireless channel. Topics covered include the historical context of wireless channel modeling, importance of the spatial channel interface, and trends in wireless influencing channel modeling.
Wireless Security and Privacy: Identify Targets and Roles
Dec 20, 2002
Follow this plan to break down your wireless system into functional blocks, then determine which resources or data require protection. After identifying possible security targets, you determine the roles that affect the targets. With the roles and targets identified, you'll be ready to mitigate and protect your system.
Defining a Successful Wireless Solution
Nov 29, 2002
Consultant Ian Hayes shares a number of techniques to help you greatly simplify the conversion of business requirements into a well-defined wireless solution. Several example solutions are included for your reference.
Closing the Gap Between Mobile Workers and Critical Information
Nov 1, 2002
Lack of information is a bottleneck in the business processes of customer-facing employees. Patrick Brans explains how mobile technology can help those workers get the information they need when they need it.
Mobilizing the Enterprise: Developing A Wireless Strategy for Enterprise Systems
Oct 25, 2002
As the proliferation of devices increases, enterprises realize that they can no longer afford to ignore wireless to enable their KM, ERP, SCM, or CRM systems. Bhavish Sood discusses a wireless strategy and gives you tips on how to achieve a faster ROI.
IEEE 802.1X: Practical Port Control for Switches
By Stephen McQuerry
Oct 4, 2002
The Case for Mobility in the Enterprise
Sep 26, 2002
Wireless used to be more hype than reality. But forward-thinking businesses are actually saving time, effort, and money by going mobile, and the future is looking even better.

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